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Salesforce - NetSuite Integration App

We decided to go with Celigo because Celigo has been the standard for integrating Salesforce and NetSuite.
Steve Bean
Director of Finance/Controller
at Lightbend


Lightbend was founded by Martin Odersky, the creator of the Scala programming language, Jonas Bonér, the creator of the Akka middleware and Paul Phillips in 2010. The company provides scalable, high-performance microservices frameworks and streaming engines for building data-centric systems that are optimized to run on cloud-native infrastructure. It has strategic partnerships with IBM, Red Hat, Accenture, and their clients include many of the most admired brands around the globe, including 27 of the Fortune 100 list.


Lightbend has been experiencing a steady growth. As a result, the company outgrew its existing accounting soware with very manual processes, both on the billing and revenue recognition side, and implemented NetSuite as its basic accounting system in 2017. Lightbend uses Salesforce as its CRM which is crucial in its sales process.

The Challenge

Director of Finance/Controller, Steve Bean wanted to implement an integration between Salesforce and NetSuite. Due to manual work, data synch between Salesforce and accounting system was error prone. “We've been expecting more volume growth, as well. But we also have been trying to keep track of what we've got, what's Closed Won in Salesforce and how to bill it. It has its challenges, and you miss things. So that was some of the pain there,” said Steve.

Celigo just really ties Salesforce and NetSuite together, so you can always tell if they're in sync. That's really been super helpful.
Steve Bean
Director of Finance/Controller
at Lightbend

The Solution

Steve and his team chose Celigo as the integration solution aer hearing positive feedback from people who had experience with it.

Celigo enables a complete workflow between Salesforce and NetSuite so that Lightbend can easily reconcile its orders in NetSuite against what has been Closed Won in Salesforce. Steve commented: “We use Celigo to export our sales orders over to NetSuite and then process them. We push back some basic information from NetSuite back to Salesforce if it's about the order or if it's been closed. And then we set up contract renewals in NetSuite and we push renewal quotes back across into Salesforce.”


Steve is very happy with Celigo’s Salesforce – NetSuite integration and customer support. Both finance and sales teams at Lightbend now have up-to-date and accurate information thanks to real-time data synch. He remarked, “Celigo just really ties Salesforce and NetSuite together, so you can always tell if they're in sync. That's really been super helpful.”

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