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Discount Ramps


Germantown, WI

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Overall, the best way to look at what Celigo has done for Discount Ramps is that Celigo helped us speed our growth efficiently and properly,
Jeremy Vandenberg
IT Analyst


Discount Ramps is one of the largest online retailers of loading, hauling, and transportation products. The company’s website,, offers products that range from ATV ramps, motorcycle dollies, bike racks, pet carriers, wheelchairs, forklift attachments, and more. They serve the recreational, commercial, industrial, military, and disability markets.


Starting out as an eBay seller, Discount Ramps has experienced significant growth and sells on multiple marketplaces. Its web property has become one of the largest online store for loading, hauling, and transportation products.

Like many fast-growing firms, Discount Ramps uses multiple applications to run its eCommerce business, including:

  • KalioCommerce to run its main eCommerce property,
  • ChannelAdvisor to manage online marketplaces
  • Listrak to manage customer communications, including order statuses
  • NetSuite to manage pricing, order fulfillment, and inventory levels

The Challenge

Similar to other companies with best-of-breed environments, data integration was a major challenge for Discount Ramps. Product, order, inventory, and pricing information had to be manually uploaded from one system to another. Hours were spent on low-value work, including time spent on correcting errors due to manual processes.

With double-digit growth, it became clear that manual activities were not sustainable and were hindering growth and profitability. Valuable IT staff time was diverted away from strategic initiatives in order to manage data across different systems. As the number of orders and SKUs grew, it became increasingly difficult to synchronize data between NetSuite and all the sales channels using manual processes.

Celigo helps us focus on more strategic view of things as opposed to trying to keep our neck above water wrangling data.
Jeremy Vandenberg
IT Analyst

The Solution

Discount Ramps initially used Celigo to integrate NetSuite and online marketplaces. After discovering the extensive capabilities of, Jeremy Vandenberg, IT Analyst, worked with Celigo to address other integration challenges.

Celigo is used to automatically update inventory and pricing information from NetSuite to all of Discount Ramps’ sales channels. The integration ensures product availability is accurately reflected across all channels in near real-time. Vandenberg also created an integration to automatically send order information from NetSuite to Listrak so that Listrak can send timely order notifications to customers.


Discount Ramps is using Celigo’s to scale operations as the business grows. Having doubled its business in just 2 years, Discount Ramps offers over 11,000 SKUs across multiple channels. Celigo makes it possible to ensure accurate inventory levels are available across all channels. Inventory management and replenishment have become easier, faster, and less prone to errors. The buying experience for customers is enhanced with timely order fulfillment and real-time order statuses.

By using Celigo to automatically update and synchronize data between multiple applications, Discount Ramps was able to meet the demands of rapid growth in order volumes and product SKUs with existing staff. Rather than spending time on low-value data management, resources are now spent on supporting company growth.

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