Salesforce Connector Plus enables deep integration with NetSuite

by Celigo
October 7, 2013

We’re happy to announce that the much awaited Salesforce Connector Plus has been released and is now Generally Available (GA). Salesforce Connector Plus includes features that help support advanced requirements by businesses.

Here are three major reasons for you to go Plus:

Partner Channel Information to NetSuite
If you are an organization that sells through other channel partners such as distributors, value-added-resellers (VARs), OEMs, sales agents, etc., the Salesforce Connector Plus connector will enable you to add important Partner information from a Salesforce Opportunity to a NetSuite Sales Order. With this feature, you should be able to reference other Partner information such as Billing Address and Shipping Address directly from NetSuite.

Bring NetSuite Financials to Salesforce
This new feature will allow you to import all NetSuite financial data relating to your Salesforce Opportunity into Salesforce itself. With this, you will be able to track your Lead to Order information directly from Salesforce. In addition to the header data, Salesforce Plus will attach most NetSuite Transaction information in separate PDFs and attach it back to customer’s Account as shown below.

Support for Contract Renewals module
If you’ve opted for the Contract Renewal module, you would find this feature difficult to do without. Salesforce Plus Connector will auto-generate Renewal Opportunities in Salesforce for you, at the interval specified in your NetSuite ‘Contract Renewals’ module setup. You will no longer have to miss any Renewal Opportunities as these will be directly pulled into your Salesforce account so that your sales team can take the lead forward without any interference to their regular sales process.

Additional features and more information on the above listed features can be found here.

In addition to the Salesforce Plus Connector features, we also bring to you below enhancement to the Standard Connector version:

Multi-currency Support
Are you an international business? Do you transact in multiple currencies and in different geographical regions? Our Multi-currency Support will enable a hassle free linkage of your Price Books to your Price Levels in all the currencies supported.

With all the new features that we’ve brought out in this release, i.e, Partner Channel Support, NetSuite Financial Support, Contract Renewals Support and Multi-Currency Support; we are excited to announce that we now link all the major functionalities of NetSuite and Salesforce that we believe are most valuable to our Customers.

If you are a New Customer and would like to try out our Salesforce Plus Connector or the Salesforce Standard Connector, please Contact Celigo Sales. Our Sales team will revert back to you with further details. If you are an Existing Celigo Salesforce Connector Customer, please reach out to your Celigo Account Manager to make the upgrade to Salesforce Plus Connector.

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