Real-Time Event Trigger for NetSuite and Slack

By Rico Andrade
August 15, 2018

As a NetSuite user, you are probably familiar with the power of NetSuite’s SuiteScript capabilities to customize NetSuite. However, do you know that Celigo’s iPaaS platform,, offers an easy-to-use alternative to SuiteScript? For example, you can quickly create a real-time event that is triggered by NetSuite with instead of NetSuite’s User Event script. If you just need one integration flow for the real-time trigger, you can take advantage of Celigo’s Free Trial.

In this video, Matt Graney, VP Product Management at Celigo, shows how you can integrate NetSuite and Slack so that whenever a new NetSuite case is created, Slack sends a real-time notification.

The video walks through the following steps:

  • Install Integration Template
    Integration templates help quick-start your integrations. Matt walks through the installation of a Slack to NetSuite integration template.
  • Configure Export Flow
    Click on the integration flow that you wish to use. You will see that the flow is set up so that whenever a new NetSuite case is created, the case information will be sent to which will then trigger a Slack notification. Instead of writing script, you use drop-down boxes to easily configure the flow, including the ability to define qualification criteria (e.g., only send notifications on cases that are assigned to Matt).
  • Configure Import Flow
    The integration template uses Slack’s REST API to trigger the notification. Any existing configurations of the template can be modified or deleted.
  • Map Data
    The final step is data mapping where you can specify the text that should be sent from NetSuite to Slack in addition to specifying the Slack channel, user name, and even a user avatar or icon.

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