Use Celigo CloudExtend to import events from Google into NetSuite

Use Celigo CloudExtend to import events from Google into NetSuite

Last week we began rolling out some important bug fixes to users of CloudExtend Google Calendar. You can find the full list of updates contained in this version under release notes.

Most important among these is the workaround for syncing private events. CloudExtend’s Google to NetSuite event import runs under a NetSuite Administrator role and performs a batch import of events from Google. The NetSuite to Google even export on the other hand, runs in real time, as you create or update your events in NetSuite. This works great in most scenarios except, when you export a private event from NetSuite and later edit the same event in Google. The next time the batch import runs, it will find this updated event in Google and will make an attempt to update the event in NetSuite. However, the NetSuite API will prevent the import from accessing the original event as it’s marked as private to you.

So, the current workaround we have in place is to provide you with a means of manually importing these problematic updates back in to NetSuite. Simply click on the link on the Celigo CloudExtend Calendar Import On-Demand portlet on your dashboard.

While this manual workaround is less than ideal, we are bound by NetSuite’s permissions model which only allows scripts to access private event data, if the script was invoked by a user interaction. However, we do have a more elaborate workaround for this issue on the drawing board which we hope to roll out to users in a couple of months.

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