SmartClient + the SuiteApp Webinar Link!

SmartClient + the SuiteApp Webinar Link!

The latest version of the Excel SmartClient, version, is now available in the Celigo Help Center.  We made some terrific improvements in this version, so we encourage you to check out the Release Notes before you install and use it.

As always, if you’re running an older version of the SmartClient we strongly encourage you to upgrade.  We’re committed to keeping up with changes in the NetSuite web services API, continuously improving performance, and addressing any shortcomings our (often fanatical) SmartClient customers report.  If you haven’t updated in a few months it’s a good idea!

SmartClient Webinar on NetSuite’s

And if you’re not familiar with what the SmartClient can do, or would like a quick refresher, why not check out the SmartClient Webinar we co-hosted with NetSuite back in March of 2011?  You’ll have to register as part of the process, but that only takes a moment.  Aside from some technical glitches we had at the outset, the webinar was considered a great success and we received a lot of positive feedback.  In this 40+ minute demonstration you’ll:

  • See some general use cases for the SmartClient
  • View a live demonstration from a real customer using it to solve real world business process problems
  • Understand how it interacts with NetSuite records
  • Understand how it makes for a great off-line data entry tool, or near replacement for CSV imports & Mass Updates
  • Learn a few things about Celigo along the way

Watch it over coffee one morning, or while you eat lunch at your desk.  It’s well worth it.  For those in a hurry, you can always check out the Celigo YouTube channel for a quick overview or some short “How To” videos.

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