Overheard during SuiteWorld 2013…

  • Overhead at SuiteWorld 2013

Overheard during SuiteWorld 2013…

Overheard during SuiteWorld 2013:

— “I especially liked watching Evan sip wine on stage during the finale of his keynote during his VinSuite demo…”

— “…that Selectica ‘Configure, Price, Quote’ (CPQ) integration demo rocked!”

— “Boy, I sure hope there is never an Outlook Integration 4.0…”

— “I didn’t realize that I could do the kind of marketing that Silverpop offers with NetSuite…”

— “…And now to announce the ‘SuiteCloud New Partner of the Year’: LeanLogistics !”

— “I want to start using ‘Managed Bundles‘ in our app deployments…”

— “This ‘CloudExtend for Google Apps‘ integration is freakin’ awesome…”

The above may seem like just a random set of quotes — but each of these very different SuiteWorld 2013 session had a consistent running theme — each one of these sessions quoted was “Powered by Celigo“. That’s right — Celigo was an instrumental part of each of these presentations:

Dick Cline eWinery VinSuite Demo During Evan Keynote

  • Celigo built the non-tablet demo for VinSuite, and will be completing the full application in 2013
  • Celigo built the Selectica ‘Configure, Price, Quote’ (CPQ) integration
  • Celigo built NetSuite’s own Outlook Integration 3.0
  • Celigo built the Silverpop marketing integration, and now resells it
  • Celigo built the LeanLogistics Transport Management System (TMS) integration, and now resells it
  • Celigo CTO Scott Henderson presented on “Managed SuiteBundles” alongside GoPro CTO Stephen Baumer
  • I (JP) presented on the CeligoCloudExtend for Google Apps” to a standing-room only Partner Break-out crowd

JP Foerster Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps Breakout Session

Looking forward to SuiteWorld 2014… and to see what else will be “Powered by Celigo“…

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