Merchant Connector for ChannelAdvisor gets FBA Order Import and bunch of more features…

Merchant Connector for ChannelAdvisor gets FBA Order Import and bunch of more features…

Back in June, we updated our ChannelAdvisor Connector to support version 5 of the ChannelAdvisor API without much fanfare. This was to lay the groundwork for bunch of features that we are announcing today to be “generally available” for deployment.

Import FBA Orders as Cash Sales

Orders imported from ChannelAdvisor account’s Amazon FBA Channel will be imported to NetSuite as Cash Sales rather than Sales Orders. The regular Sales Order Import flow will no longer scan this channel. Instead, the new FBA Import flow will look for orders that have been recorded as fulfilled by Amazon and will import them to NetSuite allowing you to record the sale in NetSuite without any additional effort.

Improved Fulfillments Export flow

The Fulfillments Export flow (formally called the Shipping Sync) has been revamped to support partial fulfillments and to export all tracking number data regardless of carrier. If you are moving up from a previous version, you should notice significant improvement in performance of this flow as well.

Additional record types supported by the Item Export flow

Support for Serialized and Lot Numbered item types were added to the Item Export flow. With this update, the ChannelAdvisor Connector supports the following record types for Item Export:

  • Standard Inventory Item
  • Standard Assembly Item
  • Kit Item
  • Lot Numbered Inventory Item
  • Serialized Inventory Item
  • Lot Numbered Assembly Item
  • Serialized Inventory Item

You can find the complete list of changes in the Release Notes. Please contact your Celigo sales rep to learn more if you wish to upgrade.

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