Excel SmartClient powers NetSuite data integrity using sync solutions

Excel SmartClient powers NetSuite data integrity using sync solutions

We don’t typically “announce” minor point releases for the SmartClient, but the SuiteApp webinar we hosted with NetSuite in early March, “Make Real-time Changes to NetSuite Data Using Microsoft Excel”, generated a whole bunch of interest and activity.  We’ figured it was time to start using the blog to let folks know when we’ve got an update to this or any of our other products.

Visit the Celigo Help Center SmartClient page to download the latest SmartClient version if you haven’t updated recently.  And if you aren’t yet a subscriber, that’s fine.  You can use the same link to download and install the free 14 day trial.

I recall saying on the SuiteApp webinar that the most interesting part of my job here at Celigo is getting introduced to so many different businesses and business models around the world on a daily basis, and today was no exception.

I chatted with the CEO of AMS On Hold Messaging (www.spectrio.com).  They’re a company that does nothing but sell messaging solutions & related services, and are using the SmartClient to manage & import hundreds of new Leads that come from various external sources on a regular basis in to NetSuite.  In a short phone call, we were able to build out a template that let them import the Lead names & contact info, some custom field values they have, and all of the address information for 400 new entries in minutes.  Very cool to watch.

We created a quick YouTube video on importing Leads that you can see here.  Check it out!

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