Celigo SmartClient takes you beyond CSV import and mass updates

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Celigo SmartClient takes you beyond CSV import and mass updates

NetSuite has a user interface, as well as CSV Import and Mass Update. So why do customers keep asking us for a way to work with their NetSuite data in Excel? Because it saves time, gives you access to records that CSV Import and Mass Update do not, and it enables your typical business user to do things with their NetSuite data that others can only do through web services.

Do you want to add multiple Inventory Adjustments, Time Bills, Item Receipts, Item Fulfillments, or other record type not yet supported by CSV Import?

Our Excel SmartClient can be used with almost any record supported by web services and includes a wizard that creates a blank data entry template for you to fill in with your import data. You can push the data right into NetSuite with the click of a button, without having to upload as a CSV through NetSuite, and the template even provides you with list values, either in a drop down or as a real-time lookup, to help ensure that the data is valid.

Do you want to update hundreds of records ad hoc, but they’re not yet supported by Mass Update or you’re having second thoughts about hiring a temp to do it manually, screen by screen? Do you want to use formulas and business rules, or just make changes on the fly to hundreds of records, but can’t figure out an easier way to do it than through web services? Do it using the SmartClient. Access just about any record available through web services from Excel, and apply your formulas, business rules or manual changes there. Then simply push your changes on the fly into NetSuite with the push of a button.

Ask us for a free limited trial of the SmartClient, and you’ll quickly see that it pays for itself by saving you the time and effort you would otherwise spend doing these things manually or creating a web services program to do it for you.


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