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Celigo launches JIRA – NetSuite Connector

Celigo has just launched the newest member of our Integration Apps family – JIRA – NetSuite Connector. With more than 30,000 companies using JIRA every day, JIRA has become synonymous with Issue Management.

In most organizations handling issues, service requests, feature development and escalations require multiple teams to come together. But these teams often operate in different ecosystems.

As SaaS becomes mainstream, companies are using a combination of JIRA and NetSuite ERP in a best-of-breed model. It’s critical to have real time connectivity between the two services to facilitate frictionless integration of business processes that span the customer experience.

At Celigo, our mission is to make best-of-breed cloud apps work together as one. Celigo’s Integration Apps provide instantaneous connections and comprehensive integrations that drive efficient business outcomes.

Using the JIRA Connector for NetSuite, companies have clear visibility of issues across the organization. The Connector provides real-time synchronization of information between NetSuite and JIRA enabling teams to collaborate with speed and efficiency.

The Connector comes pre-built with the most important business data flows allowing organizations to:

  • Automatically create new JIRA Issues as NetSuite Issues

  • Automatically create new NetSuite Issues as JIRA Issues

  • Sync further Issue updates bi-directionally

  • Sync JIRA Projects to NetSuite

  • Sync NetSuite Products to JIRA

Using an intuitive user interface, users can easily manage and configure the Connector to meet their business needs, map fields between the two systems and track up-to-the-minute activity of the integration.

The JIRA Connector for NetSuite is built on our next generation Integration platform which provides enterprise grade performance and security.

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