Celigo helps companies move their business to the cloud

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Celigo helps companies move their business to the cloud

So, you’ve moved your business to the cloud. ERP – check. CRM – check. Email marketing – check. But, wait… what is that old server doing in the closet, humming away? And who is that poor guy running from station to station, install CD in hand? Ah, that must be your Exchange Admin.. If you are still running Exchange and Outlook, are you truly in the cloud? After all, this is where users live, where they spend most of their time and they are still tethered to a fat desktop application. At Celigo, we see customers making the switch to Google every day, here are some reasons why.

1. Savings. A Houston based software company, shared a cost comparison with me recently. When they stacked up all the license costs (including Celigo’s CloudExtend for Google) the price was about even, advantage Google. What they did not take into account was labor. Costs related to maintenance, upgrades, etc. are the (not so) soft costs that tip the scales toward a web based solution. Google, of course, has its calculator presenting a yawning 10x ROI. Information from the Microsoft camp, seems to focus more on features and functions.

2. Integration/Workflow automation. Let’s be honest, Outlook users have come to depend on the tight integration between Outlook and Office. But how does Outlook work with real time data feeds or social media plugins that users are demanding. The Google Marketplace, like iTunes and or SuiteApp, offers an expanding online catalog of vetted apps that can be added by a user or admin, making it easy to add productivity gains.

For those users that are not ready to let go, let them keep the Outlook front end. Suggest a hybrid strategy for users: use Gmail for some tasks, like cleaning your inbox; use Outlook for formatting longer communiques.

3. Collaboration. Inherently, the cloud is collaborative. Instant Messaging, Social media, and real time updates make this the logical place for a conversation of ideas. Traditional email is transactional, not collaborative. Conversations should be more like a round table discussion than a tennis match.

Let’s be honest, there are still many deficiencies to Gmail or Docs. The good news is that improvements are pushed often (and with no downloads, thank you very much). If you want to truly embrace the cloud, it may be time to migrate to web based mail, decommission that old server, and let your Exchange Admin focus on something new.

Celigo helps companies move their business to the cloud. Our core NetSuite integration and functional services are complemented by portfolio of products that any NetSuite customer can use to maximize their investment. CloudExtend for Google Apps is a suite of apps, available in SuiteApp and the Google Marketplace that allow users to marry NetSuite with Google business apps accrue major productivity gains.

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