Celigo Excel SmartClient provides enhanced support for Time Bill records in NetSuite

  • Enhanced support for time bill records in NetSuite

Celigo Excel SmartClient provides enhanced support for Time Bill records in NetSuite

This week we are pushing out a minor update to the Celigo SmartClient that addresses several issues our customers have been experiencing. These issues are somewhat specific to the customer’s account and centered around the Time Bill record. Therefore, if you are an existing customer, you can safely skip this update unless you require any of the enhancements/fixes described below.

Override the cache for Slaved Column values

The SmartClient depends heavily on its internal cache of NetSuite data for its performance and responsiveness. However, sometimes data in NetSuite contains relationships that cannot be easily replicated in the cache. This is particularly true with slaved (a.k.a “sourced”) columns. This meant that in certain cases, the cache was getting in the way of looking up the correct value if you have the same slaved value for multiple master values.

For example, take the Time Bill record. Suppose you have 2 customers, and you have 2 tasks created for each customer with the same name.

Customer Customer Internal ID Task Task Internal ID
ABC 11 Arrange Meeting 123
XYZ 22 Arrange Meeting 124

If you use the SmartClient to enter time for both tasks, you will find that one of the updates will fail citing an error such as “Invalid casetaskevent reference key 123 for customer 22”

As you can see, since the SmartClient caches 123 as the Internal ID corresponding to “Arrange Meeting”, it attempts to apply the same ID for the second record which results in this error.

There’s no automated way to get around this. So, we added an option that will allow the user to tell the SmartClient to ignore the cached values when trying to resolve values for sourced fields. Turn this on by clicking on “Options” from the SmartClient toolbar and then going in to Caching and Performance.

The SmartClient will now always scan NetSuite for slaved values and therefore will not run in to the above issue. However, please note that the SmartClient would now need to query NetSuite Web Services (possibly multiple times) per each record and therefore processing will be much slower while the option is turned on. We recommend that you turn on this feature only when there are such duplicated slaved values.

Time Entry specific fixes

  • The previous version of the SmartClient did not contain mappings for the sourcing of Payroll Item field. While the user could create these mappings herself, we’ve now baked this in to the product. Payroll Item field should now work as expected out of the box.
  • A bug in the SmartClient was preventing users with Employee Center roll from entering values for fields sourced from the Employee. For example, if you typed in a valid value in to the Customer / Project cell and tab out, the SmartClient will display an error asking you to “Select employee before looking up values for this field”. The workaround for this issue was to change the column type of the Employee field to “Free Text (Internal ID)” and then entering the internal ID of the employee. We’ve fixed this issue so that Employee field can be any column type, including Drop Down or Real-time Lookup.

What’s next?

We are currently looking at upgrading the SmartClient to the NetSuite WSDL version 2012.1. The SmartClient is currently connecting to version 2010.1 of the Web Services endpoint. While 2010.1 will continue to be supported by NetSuite for years to come, we’re making this upgrade as NetSuite has introduced some breaking changes in their new platform that are affecting several of our SmartClient customers.

Since a WSDL upgrade is a major change to a product such as the SmartClient, we anticipate the release to take at least a couple of months to get through the regression testing cycle. If however, you would like to get your hands on the private beta running against 2012.1, please do send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as the beta is ready. If you have already logged a support case related to 2012.1 changes, you are already in the list for beta customers and will be notified as soon as we are ready to ship.

SmartClient for Excel 2003 Discontinued

We’d also like to announce that we will no longer be maintaining the SmartClient version for Excel 2003. We’ve seen that the vast majority of our customers have upgraded to either Office 2007 or 2010. While we will continue to host the previous release of the 2003 version, we will not be making any updates.


If you already have the SmartClient installed, use the Check for Updates button on the SmartClient toolbar to get the latest version or download it here.


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