Better Monitoring and Order Cancellation Support for the Amazon Connector

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Better Monitoring and Order Cancellation Support for the Amazon Connector

With our continued commitment to provide the best integration for Amazon Seller Central with NetSuite, the latest April 2013 release (version 2.2.0) of the Amazon Connector includes some exciting features that we would like to share with you.

This version is available now and all our existing customers have been auto-upgraded.

The major highlights of the April 2013 release are as follows:

Integration Dashboard:

Now there is much easier way to monitor the sync between Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite with the revamped Integration Dashboard that replaces the Control Panel to monitor and track all the workflows.

The Integration Dashboard can be launched within NetSuite from Setup > Integrations > Celigo Integrator.

With the activity stream interface it is easy to monitor progress of specific workflows and their success.


 (click to enlarge image) 

The stream can be filtered either by workflows — by clicking on the specific flow on the left side, or by the duration by selecting the duration in the “Since” field. Even though all the flows are auto-scheduled to run every half an hour, there is still the provision to run a flow immediately by right-clicking on it.

The Action log shows all the errors and the “Needs Attention” option allows seeing all the workflows that did not complete. The pie chart and the bar-charts on the right give a quick view into the sync status.

Cancellation Support

As much as you would like customers to not cancel orders, customers will do that from time to time, especially on easy-to-use e-commerce sites like Amazon. Failure to account for and act on such cancellations in time results in inventory mismanagement, shipping costs and worst of all customer dissatisfaction.

Now, the Amazon Connector tracks the line item cancellations and the full order cancellations effortlessly. These are scheduled to run every half an hour.

More information on the Amazon Order Cancellation Feed can be found here in help notes.

Global Support

With the world being flat, it makes sense for businesses to sell globally. With the Amazon Connector, customers can now sell to United States, Europe, and China. Also the Connector seamlessly lets you integrate with the major Amazon shipping carriers and their plans including DHL, FedEx, and UPS across the world.

Other Enhancements / Fixes

We always value feedback from our customers. We have reviewed some of your recent feedback and addressed some of the most important issues to ensure you keep running fast! Here are some of the notable fixes/enhancements:

  • Ability to process larger files effectively (breaking the batch into smaller pieces)
  • Processing report that reschedules itself itself when it is throttled by Amazon or NetSuite
  • Support for all the special characters including escaped control characters like " and < etc.
  • Better Error message grouping

The release notes for Amazon Connector 2.2.0 can be found here

We look forward to your feedback. Please contact us at with your comments and ideas so that we can make your experience better!!

Posted by Santosh Shukla, Product Management Team

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