Amazon Connector v2.3 Release: Support for Promotions, Kit Items Export, Marketplaces and much more

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Amazon Connector v2.3 Release: Support for Promotions, Kit Items Export, Marketplaces and much more

NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 was bigger than ever, this year. If you attended it, we hope you got a chance to visit Celigo at our stall. Now that all the celebration is over, we are back to work with full excitement and energy.

We completed another wonderful release for Amazon Connector (2.3.0). All our existing customers have been auto-upgraded already.

Without further ado, let us get to the major highlights of this release:

 Support for Promotional Sales:

Now you can specify a Sale Price and Sale period (Sale Start Date, Sale End date) for items in NetSuite and the discounted price is shown in Amazon for those items during the promotion period.

This can be configured by going to the custom Amazon tab for the Item in NetSuite and updating the “Amazon Sale Price is Active” as checked. Also, the relevant Sale Price Amount, Start Date and End Date needs to be updated.

Once the Item Pricing Export is run, which runs automatically every half an hour, the details are updated in Amazon Seller Central accordingly and the buyers see the new sale price during the specified Sale duration.  


It is also possible to specify a price level to use as this item’s sale price. Please contact Celigo Support for more information on how to configure this feature.


NetSuite Kit Items Export

Amazon connector 2.3 supports exporting NetSuite Kit items to Amazon. This is the new item type being supported for export in addition to the regular Inventory item and Pre-Built Assembly Items.  

Kit items are available only for the Product Data, Product Pricing, and Product Images export flows currently.


Marketplaces Support

With version 2.3 of the connector you have more control over the marketplaces used by the integration.  Not only can you export and import data from different lists of marketplaces, but you can also set the marketplaces that each flow should use on a flow-by-flow basis.  

If you choose to not use the flow-level marketplace list then the global marketplaces lists will be used by default.

The global settings for Marketplaces can be updated in the Orders and Exports tabs of the ‘Amazon Integration Config’. Please consult Celigo for more on this.


Process specific Orders on-demand

There is a provision to process a list of Orders immediately on-demand by their Order IDs. This can be done to bypass the regular Order Import queue and satisfy the critical order that needs to be fulfilled immediately.

This can be done by the administrator by putting the list of comma separated values of the Order IDs in ‘MFN Test Orders To Import’ under ‘Amazon Integration Config’. Once these orders are imported, the values should be removed and saved for the regular order processing to occur.


Ship method mappings for different domains

Ability to map different shipping methods across different Amazon domains. The shipping method would be used to export the shipping information along with Fulfillment Export.


Custom Order Import Window (Days to Today filter)

There is now the ability to set a custom number of days in the past to import merchant-fulfilled Amazon orders (MFN Orders), FBA orders, and orders cancelled in Amazon.  

These could be configured on the Amazon Integration Config record’s “Import Window” sub-tab, and entering a value in those fields will configure that flow’s Amazon order search.

Note that the default “Days to Today” values will be used if these fields are left blank or an invalid value is used like 0 or negative numbers.  The current default values for these flows are:

  • Merchant-fulfilled Orders created in the last 30 days
  • FBA orders created in the last 5 days
  • Cancelled orders created in the last 14 days


The release notes for Amazon Connector 2.3.0 can be found here.

We look forward to your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected]m with your comments and ideas so that we can make your experience better!!

Posted by Santosh Shukla, Product Management Team


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