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Amazon Connector supports auto-billing Amazon orders in NetSuite

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Amazon Connector for NetSuite — August 2015 (Version 2.5.2) is here. Support for Auto-billing & more!

What’s new?

  • Support for auto-billing Amazon orders (MFN & FBA) in NetSuite: Connector now ships with out of the box functionality to auto-bill Amazon orders in NetSuite. For MFN orders, a corresponding Cash Sale/Invoice is created in an automated manner once the NetSuite sales order is fulfilled & changes to “Pending Billing” state. Similarly, for FBA orders being imported as Invoices in NetSuite, a corresponding Customer Payment record is created. To enable this feature, pls see FAQ#3 here.

What’s improved?

  • Performance improvements while importing large no. of orders from Amazon in one single run of the Order Import dataflow.

What’s fixed?

  • For Product feed dataflows, Amazon warning messages are now displayed as info messages only on the individual item record under Custom -> Celigo Integration Log subtab in NetSuite. Your Integrator dashboard will no longer show these warning messages as errors.
  • Bug fixes for Amazon Settlement Report reconciliation functionality. Note that this functionality is currently in Beta & will be publicly available very soon.

Senior Product Manager
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