• Compliant with the Amazon security guidelines

Amazon Connector is compliant with the Amazon security guidelines

What’s new for Celigo’s Amazon Connector for NetSuite?

  • Amazon MWS has made “MWSAuthToken” a mandatory parameter to be sent for all requests to be made to Amazon starting March 31th, 2015. In compliance with that, we upgraded our core infrastructure layer to fetch the token for you automatically and include it for every request to be made now from your NetSuite Account to Amazon. For more details on “MWSAuthToken”, please see here.

What’s improved for Celigo’s Amazon Connector for NetSuite?

  • Amazon had deprecated “SerialNumberRequired” property for their Product Data Feed APIs and this release removes this property from your account as well to get rid of the warnings that use to show up in the Celigo Integration Monitoring Error Logs for Product Data Export Flow.


  • Fixed a defect with Order Import Flow Variance Calculation Functionality where Connector had been reporting incorrect variances in the “Amazon Order Total Variance” Field for orders imported from Amazon to NetSuite. Order Variance being reported previously was up by NetSuite’s Order Shipping Cost Amount.

Happy Integrating!

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