A faster more resilient Amazon Connector for NetSuite

A faster more resilient Amazon Connector for NetSuite

Last year, Amazon announced it’s plans to discontinue the Seller Central SOAP API in favor of their new Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API. An October 2012, deadline was set for existing users of the SOAP API. As with any other Amazon integration built prior to this announcement, this meant that drastic changes were needed for the Celigo’s Amazon Seller Central connector to adopt the new API. Therefore, while this is primarily a maintenance release, we’ve labeled the new release as version 2.0 in order to reflect the breadth of changes that were made to the connector’s code base.

• A faster, more resilient Amazon Connector

In building this new release, the Celigo engineering team not only took advantage of the capabilities exposed in the new API but, also migrated the application to an innovative framework that they’ve been building internally. The connector is now fully hosted in NetSuite as a SuiteScript bundle which means that the Amazon Connector performs better across the board while being resilient to common integration issues such as authorization, maintenance and downtime.

The connector was also designed from ground up to maximize throughput, taking into consideration the stringent API throttling policies imposed by Amazon. 

• Easy to Customize

Each business has it’s own unique requirements to customize and fine-tune the integration. The new release makes this process easy by letting you configure the sync filters and field mappings via NetSuite Saved Searches. You no longer have to hack configurations or tediously set up custom records with field mappings. Simply, set up a saved searches that returns the data you wish to sync and use column labels to specify which fields map between Amazon and NetSuite.

• Partial Fulfillments

Though in maintenance mode, we decided to push out one highly requested feature: support for partial fulfillments. The new version will sync fulfillments as items are shipped giving your buyers greater visibility on state of their purchases.

• Downgraded Customer Sync 

Version 1.x featured a Customer Sync that extracted information from the order to generate a corresponding customer record in NetSuite. However, the initial release of the MWS API did not expose key customer information required to enable this flow. This meant that the connector had to resort to using a single dummy customer record for the orders it generated. 

This API limitation was subsequently patched by Amazon. However, with the deadline looming to upgrade existing customers to the new version, we made a conscious decision to put this flow on hold and concentrate it’s efforts on migrating our customers. Once all customers have been upgraded, we will make the reintroduction of this flow our highest priority.

Are you on board?

Starting in late February, the Celigo Services team began reaching out to our customer base and coordinate the upgrades to v2.0. If you are an existing customer and have not yet responded to your Account Manager, with your availability for the upgrade, we strongly urge you to do so now. Remember that this is not an optional upgrade: you must be on the new version by October 18th to ensure that your Amazon integration continues to work.




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