2017 Cloud Integration Product Release Highlights (December)

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2017 Cloud Integration Product Release Highlights (December)

To make cloud integrations easier, faster, and better for customers, our product teams have been busy enhancing integrator.io, the Celigo iPaaS platform, and Integration Apps, Celigo’s prebuilt, out-of-the-box integrations. Highlights of year-to-date releases for these products are available in this updated document.

Release Highlights

Here is a quick preview of product updates that can help you streamline your business by making it easier and faster to connect all your cloud applications – without IT support.


  • API Assistants automatically provide APIs and methods for specific applications; assistants for Google Shopping and MailChimp have been added
  • To reduce load on the NetSuite API, integration has been refactored so data is only loaded into NetSuite whenever use selects “Refresh”

eCommerce Integration Apps

  • Multiple order statuses can be included in order imports (BigCommerce)
  • Order imports can include addresses of customers that check out as “guest” (Magento 2)
  • Matrix Items can be exported from NetSuite (Amazon)

Cash Application Manager

  • Enhancements in setting up payments that are made in multiple currencies.
  • More control is available in how specific transaction codes are processed by the Integration Apps when a bank file is imported into NetSuite.

For more information, view the Product Release Highlights 2017.

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