• New Celigo.com Responsive Design

Welcome To The New Celigo.com!

Celigo has grown tremendously in the last few years, and so has our portfolio of products and services. We’re extremely proud of our growth, but our website has not always kept pace with these developments. Site information was sometimes difficult to find, our messaging was not always consistent and our users transitioned rapidly to using the site on mobile devices. Amid these changes, our site was not adequately educating our customers, partners and various other parties on Celigo and the breadth of products and services we offer.

Celigo is excited to launch the new Celigo.com, featuring a modern, responsive design that’s optimized for all computers and mobile devices. Our primary goals with the new website were to make it faster & easier to navigate, compatible on all devices, and easier for us to update in the rapidly changing business environment. Above all, we wanted to help our clients, partners & general public to get to know us better.

New Celigo.com Responsive Design

Introducing the new Celigo.com, featuring a modern, responsive design


Like its approach to business solutions, Celigo’s new clean & friendly visual website design takes a “less is more” approach by presenting concise information that helps you find what you need as quickly as possible. Celigo web pages now present a summary perspective at the top of the page, with additional detail provided the further you scroll down. Intuitive visual callouts help direct you to the Celigo products you need, without all the searching, pinching and zooming of the past. 

This is only the beginning. Celigo.com will be adding more content in the months to come, including product & training videos, case studies, data sheets and additional industry solutions. All of these will be accessible and easy to find on any connected device.

As always, Celigo is extremely interested in your feedback. We’ve put lots of hard work into our re-launch, and frankly, we’re thrilled! We’re confident our new site provides a foundation for Celigo to continue to grow. We hope you like the new look, and we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section, below.

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