Launching our blog…finally

  • Celigo Blog has launched

Launching our blog…finally

It’s taken a little longer than planned, but we’re finally ready to launch our blog! Our intent is to use this as a forum to provide you with tips, tricks, articles, best practices, etc, on how to maximize your use of NetSuite and provide our perspectives on the on-demand world.

What’s in it for you? In short, we invite you to benefit from our experiences. Our team has configured and implemented NetSuite for more than a hundred customers.

From a technical perspective, Celigo is a leader in automation and integration. We were part of the original Web services team at NetSuite that launched SuiteTalk, so we think we know a thing or two about this stuff…

For the curious–we use MoveableType (also a NetSuite customer) as our blogging platform.



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