Deadline April 8: NetSuite Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Requirement

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Deadline April 8: NetSuite Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Requirement

When NetSuite launched 2018.1 and 2018.2 releases, some customers were exempted from the two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for Admin and other highly privileged roles. On April 8, 2019, all companies will be required to use 2FA for these roles. If you have not done so already, you may need to switch to Token-Based Authentication (TBA) for the NetSuite connections that are used by your Celigo integrations.

Change by April 8, 2019

Make sure that your NetSuite connections using Admin or other highly privileged roles are switched to TBA prior to April 8th. View NetSuite 2019.1 release notes for more details on 2FA.

How to Enable Token-Based Authentication (TBA)

For detailed instructions on switching from Basic Authentication (i.e., using login ID and password) to Token-Based Authentication (view article for details on TBA), click on your Celigo product(s) listed below:

(Note: The Celigo OpenAir-Salesforce Integration App is not impacted)

E-commerce Integration Apps

Other Integration Apps

CloudExtend Products

For all three CloudExtend products, CloudExtend Excel, CloudExtend G Suite, and CloudExtend Outlook, view details here.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please file a Support Ticket.

Knowledge Base: Token-Enablement

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