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Customer Case Study: Scaling Operations to Support 100% Growth

Managing marketplaces, customer communications, order fulfillment and inventory can be challenging when using multiple applications to run your eCommerce business. To profitably grow the business, companies must integrate applications to be able to sufficiently scale operations.

Discount Ramps, one of the largest online retailers of loading, hauling, and transportation products, is using Celigo’s integrator.io to integrate NetSuite with their multiple business applications. “Overall, the best way to look at what Celigo has done for Discount Ramps is that Celigo helped us speed our growth efficiently and properly,” Jeremy Vandenberg, IT Analyst.

Integrator.io makes it possible to ensure accurate inventory levels are available across all channels which enhances the buying experience for customers with timely order fulfillment and order status.

Learn more https://goo.gl/JhLtc5

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