Celigo Wins NetSuite’s SDN Partner of the Year Award for 2011

Well, what can we say? By all accounts, NetSuite’s first customer & user conference, SuiteWorld 2011, was a huge success. Pulling together NetSuite partners, customers, end-users, and industry press alike, the event drew over 2k people to downtown San Francisco for four days of training, presentations, networking, and live product demonstrations in the Expo Center.For Celigo, the event was tremendous. We got to meet so many of our valued customers face-to-face for the first time, making for a very rewarding week. NetSuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, mentioned us in his keynote on Tuesday, and we were one of only three companies selected by NetSuite to give a live demo (of our newest product CloudExtend for Google Apps) during NetSuite CTO & Founder Evan Goldberg’s keynote on Wednesday morning.

SDN Partner of the Year … Again!

And as if that wasn’t enough! Celigo won the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) Partner of the Year Award for the second year in a row!. We’re both proud and humbled to be recognized given the caliber of companies in the NetSuite partner ecosystem, and we could not have done it without you, our customers.


Photo: Celigo Founder & President Jan Arendtsz (3rd from left), accepts Partner of the Year Award from NetSuite Chief Operating Officer Jim McGeever (right) and Guido Harmmans, VP of the SuiteCloud Developer Network.(left)

Hold The Press!!

The press coverage of SuiteWorld was generally very positive, and the live demo of Celigo’s Google Apps integration garnered high praise in various articles and blogs. Our favorite came from Ben Kepes:

“…Roll on a year later and I take my hat off to Celigo – their offering is truly sublime. The depth of the NetSuite generated information they’re exposing directly within Gmail is amazing. I bumped into Google enterprise lead Scott McMullan in San Francisco and discussed Celigo’s offering with him. he concurred with my view that what Celigo are doing is absolutely at the cutting edge of direct, in-UI integrations with Gmail”

Thanks Ben! We’re excited about CloudExtend for Google Apps not only for what it already has and what we were able to demonstrate at SuiteWorld, but for what we plan on introducing as the rest of 2011 unfolds. We’re not done yet, not by a long shot. We’ll keep you posted.


After the events & awards we returned to our day jobs back at the Celigo ranch (no, it’s not really a ranch) put the SDN award on the shelf next to last year’s, and took stock in what we’d accomplished since Jan started Celigo in his garage in 2005 (true story). But there’s no rest for the weary. It was time to get back to work. And boy did we! The buzz generated a lot of interest in Celigo’s integration products and professional services, and we’re busier than ever bringing to fruition the “Cloud to Cloud” solutions our customers are asking for, as well as those organizations will surely require as they move their core business operations online with NetSuite and so many others.


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