NetSuite 2019.1 Account-Specific Domains

by Rico Andrade
February 23, 2019

NetSuite is introducing account-specific domains in the NetSuite interface beginning with the 2019.1 release. The feature will be rolled out on an account-by-account basis, with account administrators being notified in advance when the feature will be activated in their accounts.

Impact on Celigo Integrations

Only customers using Salesforce V2 and Magento 1 Legacy V3 connectors will be impacted. Most Celigo integrations will not be impacted.


According to NetSuite’s release notes, the feature will first become available in sandbox and 2019.1 Release Preview accounts, and then the feature will be activated in production accounts. If you have questions about when your account will be activated, please contact NetSuite Support.

Required Action

Only customers with Salesforce V2 and Magento 1 Legacy V3 connectors will be impacted.

For detailed instructions on how to update your Celigo integration for these products, click on the relevant Knowledge Base articles (access requires being logged into your Celigo account):

  • Salesforce V2. If you are using Salesforce V2, the connector tile that appears on your Celigo home page will show “V2”.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please file a Support Ticket from your Celigo account.

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