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by Celigo
January 20, 2015

Our Product team has been working hard to bring you the best possible updates. Here’s what’s new for the Celigo Integrator for NetSuite.

  • Integrator UI now supports explicit option to enable/disable flows.
    Before this enhancement, users had to unschedule their flows (or delete them entirely), but now there is a very simple switch on the flow settings page to turn a flow or or off. Enjoy!
  • The integrator now displays a timezone field to schedule flows in a user’s timezone.
    On the flow settings page, users can now set a timezone field to schedule flows in timezones other than PST.
  • New link on job records (in Activity Stream) to access SuiteScript logs for faster debugging and quicker support case turnaround times.
    Now, when you log a support case and a support rep asks you for the SuiteScript logs, it is just a couple clicks away. Or, if you are the debugging type, this new link will make it that much easier to access the nitty gritty details.
  • Provide a better error message than ‘unexpected_error’ when a NetSuite Saved Search causes a data flow to fail.
    Before, when a data flow failed to run because it could not execute a NetSuite Saved Search, the activity stream simply displayed: “unexpected error – null”. Now, when a data flow fails to run because a Saved Search fails, the activity stream will explicitly tell the user that the Saved Search failed and to try the Saved Search in the NetSuite UI to see if the issue is a NetSuite problem.
  • Support pipe delimiter for setting multi-select fields.
    The integrator now supports importing multi-select fields where the pipe character is used as the delimiter between values. Before, only commas were supported.
  • By popular demand, tiered lookups!
    The integrator now supports the ability to find records using multiple fields combined with AND/OR expressions. For example, find and update a vendor bill based on a vendor bill number AND a specific vendor id. Or, find an item where the sku value equals item id OR the item display value.
  • Support “lastquantityavailablechange” field for delta NetSuite exports.
    For batch export flows the flow settings page now exposes “lastquantityavailablechange” as one of the options for date field when you choose the Delta Export type. If you are exporting inventory data this could come in handy!

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