Magento Connector provides ‘Push to NetSuite’ option to fix failed orders efficiently

by Celigo
May 22, 2015

What’s new for the Magento Connector for NetSuite?

  • Order Import flow now supports the ability to retry pushing multiple failed orders from Magento to NetSuite in one go.
    • A new option “Manage NetSuite Orders” is now present under “Sales” tab in your Magento account that displays all the eligible orders that failed to import in its default view.
    • “Push to NetSuite” button at the top right corner of the page can be used to re-trigger the import for all such orders.
  • Designating multiple contacts to be alerted in case your NetSuite-Magento integration breaks is possible now.
    • In your Magento account, navigate to “Technical Contact Email” field under System-> Configuration-> Celigo Magento Connector (Plus) and provide multiple comma-separated email aliases if required.
    • It is recommended you have at least one contact from within your organization given as the technical contact.

What’s improved?

  • Email alerts being sent out to your designated technical contact in case of order import failures due to invalid/expired NetSuite credentials went through much needed improvements.
    • Alerts are sent out every hour now instead of one alert per order.
    • Email alert body contains important information about the Magento store & the NetSuite account so you can easily identify which Magento instance needs to be updated with the new NetSuite credentials. 

How to upgrade your Celigo Magento Connector to the latest version 3.4.0?

  1. If your Magento Instance is on Celigo Magento Extensions v3.3.9, watch this quick 2 min tutorial below & perform the upgrade yourself.
  2. If your Magento Instance is on Celigo Magento Extensions v3.3.8 or less, log a support case with the subject line “Please help update my Magento Connector to 3.4.0” via Celigo Support Center.

Not sure what is your Celigo Magento Extensions version, navigate to System-> Configuration-> Celigo Magento Connector (Plus)-> Extension Version Number in your Magento Account to find it out.

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