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Magento Connector for NetSuite v2.0 enters private beta!

By Tim Brocato
April 20, 2012

We are excited to announce the availability of the next major release of Celigo’s Magento eCommerce Connector for NetSuite to select customers. The new version comes with the most requested features that will be useful for organizations selling on the Magento eCommerce platform.

Accepting Returns and Issuing Refunds

Issuing RMAs and refunding customers is a delicate act that no seller would want to take likely. Often you are dealing with a irate customer, and this may be your only chance to make things right. The new Magento Connector takes the pain out of the RMA process through a fully automated background sync.

The connector supports two refund policies:

  1. Formal returns process in which the items must be RMA’d before a refund is issued
  2. Direct refunds issued without a RMA, in case of goods lost in shipping or for the sale of non-inventory items

The connector will sync refunds issued against a RMA in NetSuite to Magento and will update stock counts in Magento if the returned item was restocked. For the second scenario, you may chose to refund customers from Magento or NetSuite and the connector will ensure that the systems stay in sync.

Refunds against both credit and cash sales are supported.

Selling Kits and Bundled Items

While conceptually similar, Magento Bundles offer greater flexibility than NetSuite Kits. At a bare minimum, you’d want the ability to sell Kits you’ve set up in NetSuite. The connector enables you to do this easily by exporting the Kit items as Bundles in to Magento. If you chose to sell this bundle in Magento with no further modification, the connector will generate sales orders that contain the original Kit.

It’s in Magento that things get interesting. You could create a bundle in Magento, such as a laptop, and let the buyer customize, for example choosing between a DVD RW drive or a BlueRay player. You could even edit a laptop bundle that the connector created and add this option. In which case, the connector generate a sales order that contains the individual SKUs that were sold and makes a pricing adjustment, if necessary, to ensure that the order in NetSuite will match that in Magento.

What this means is that you can continue to make use of the full power of Magento Bundles and the connector will do the heavy lifting to ensure that orders sync seamlessly in to NetSuite.

Exporting Matrix Items to Magento

The new connector allows NetSuite users to export item matrices as Configurable Items in to Magento. The current version requires manual configuration before a matrix could be exported as complete Configurable Item. If desired, the connector lets you export child matrix items such that they appear as standalone SKUs in Magento. 

When will this version be available?

The general availability of the Magento Connector v2 is still a few months away. However, we will be rolling out the connector to select customers as part of our beta program. If you do wish to try out the new features during the beta phase, please do get in touch with your Celigo Account Executive or Account Manager.

Have feedback? Please leave us a comment below or send use an email at sales(at)celigo.com.

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