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Kicking-Off Your Integration: 5 Keys to a Successful Integration

by Rico Andrade
October 17, 2017
Purchasing a new cloud app integration solution is a process: writing up requirements, evangelizing with decision makers, securing budget, and finally selecting a vendor. But what about implementation? What should you do to make sure your integration solution is implemented so that your requirements are met? Celigo’s implementation team shares recommendations on what needs to be done before kicking off an integration project.

  1. Identify a team including a project manager and subject matter experts Selecting the right team is essential to success. A project manager is crucial to share information, drive decisions and keep all key players engaged. Subject matter experts (SME’s) across all endpoint systems will ensure that design, development, testing and error recognition is in place, keep the project moving, and alleviate any surprises along the way.
  2. Define the business requirements Identify the goals and objectives early on, have a clear understanding of the data (object fields) that will be exchanged between the endpoint systems and identify challenges that the existing application or process is facing.
  3. Determine if your business requirements are met with an out-of-the-box product Your business objectives will set the stage for knowing if your integration requires customization. Look at the integration flows included and compare that to your business requirements around what needs to be synced between systems. Do you require one or more additional custom flows?
  4. Make sure your team has full access to all systems and applications There is nothing more frustrating than delaying a project milestone due to access. In the era of a remote workforce, getting an answer from a colleague could mean hours or days.
  5. Choose the right level of implementation expertise for your organization The project complexity, the experience of your team, and timing will determine the level of support you will need for a successful implementation:
    • Light: Manage and complete your own implementation with check-ins at key milestones from an integration expert
    • Medium: Initiate the project with an expert to get you on the right road to completing the integration on your own
    • Full: Integration specialist co-leads the entire project, from planning to post go-live

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