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Integrations Made Easy with API Assistants [integrator.io Tips]

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There are now over 40 API Assistants in integrator.io – and more are being added every month. The innovative API Assistants in Celigo integrator.io makes application integrations a breeze! Once you select an application that you want to integrate within the integration wizard, you will see all available API’s for that application. The wizard guides you through the methods, resources, parameters, and other required information available using simple drop-down menus, radio buttons, and form fields.

Some of the popular applications currently supported include 3DCart, Asana, Chargebee, DocuSign, Eventbrite, GoogleMail, JIRA, Jobvite, MailChimp, NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Shipwire, Slack, Square, Twilio, Zuora, and many others.

Your application does not have an Assistant? No worries! You can still use integrator.io by using a technology adapter for HTTP, REST API, Webhook, and Wrapper. If you need assistance, log into your integrator.io account and click “?” to access Customer Compass.

VP of Marketing
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