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Import special transactions into NetSuite with ease and efficiency using Celigo Integrator

By Celigo
February 3, 2015

Importing Item Fulfillments and/or Item Receipts no longer requires explicitly including Line Id values in your data!

There are certain transaction types in NetSuite that are very tightly coupled to other transaction types. One example is the Item Fulfillment record and its tight coupling to the Sales Order. To mark a Sales Order as shipped, a user must import an Item Fulfillment transaction, and to mark a specific line item as shipped a user must include NetSuite’s Line Id for that line item in the Item Fulfillment import data. The problem is that it is not always easy, or even possible sometimes, for external applications to keep track of NetSuite’s Line Ids.

In this release of the Celigo Integrator, we are trying to make importing these special transaction types easier, and instead of always requiring Line Ids directly in the import data the Integrator will now use other fields being mapped to help uniquely identify line items and then set the Line Id value for you. The most common field used to find unique line items will probably be an item’s sku/id value, but other values can be used as well. If the Integrator is not able to find a unique match for a specific line item then a friendly error message will be returned in your error logs.

Happy integrating!

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