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Is Your eCommerce System Ready for the Holidays?

VP of Marketing

Industry experts are forecasting a great 2017 holiday shopping season for eCommerce retailers. Last year, online sales exceeded $1 billion almost EVERY DAY during the holiday selling season. This year holiday shopping is starting even earlier with brick-and-mortar and online stores starting their promotions in October. Consumers are already in shopping mode.  

It’s not too late to make sure your eCommerce business is equipped to handle the holiday shopping peak. To help you evaluate your existing process and systems, we have created a handy checklist to identify potential bottlenecks in your eCommerce system.

Download our checklist and evaluate your readiness in these four areas:

  1. Order-to-fulfillment
  2. Inventory levels
  3. Product catalogs
  4. Customer communications

See how your systems and processes compare against what they should be in order to scale for the holidays.  Download our checklist.

VP of Marketing
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