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Ecommerce Integration Tips for the Holiday Season

By Celigo
September 7, 2017

Are you feeling confident that your systems will be able to keep up with the holiday spike in orders? Online selling is becoming increasingly complex as online sellers use a combination of websites, marketplaces and social media sites to increase market reach, and a variety of options for fast and cost-effective fulfillment.

For this holiday season, we are providing you with 4 tips on how to synchronize key data so that you can optimize the buying experience for your customers.

  1. Automate Orders
    Upon customer checkout, automatically send orders to your ERP, 3PL, WMS, and other relevant systems for timely fulfillment, with order statuses, automatically sent to storefronts and marketplaces.
  2. Manage Inventory
    As orders are fulfilled, update inventory levels in real-time across all sales channels, warehouses, and 3PLs to minimize over- or under-selling items, especially during seasonal or unexpected spikes in orders.
  3. Sync Product Data
    Centrally manage product attributes, variations, images, pricing, categories, and other data from your ERP with the ability to automatically push changes to storefronts, marketplaces, and other systems with a click of a button.
  4. Provide Visibility
    Meet customer expectations for clear, up-to-the-minute statuses on order fulfillment, cancellations, returns, and refunds leading to positive customer experiences even when data resides in multiple systems.

Celigo’s industry-leading integration solution can help you earn a holiday bonus this season with happy customers, great online reviews, and a big lead over the competition.

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