STIO: Using Integration to Master Omnichannel Visibility

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STIO: Using Integration to Master Omnichannel Visibility

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As a direct-to-consumer mountain lifestyle apparel and gear retailer, Stio faced challenges as they experienced extraordinary growth year after year.  They knew that to sustain this growth and be successful, they needed a solution that integrated NetSuite and Magento to leverage inventory in all of their locations. Stio COO, Maura Marshall, describes how Stio was able to navigate the growth for successful retail expansion.

About Stio

In 2011, Stio started its direct-to-consumer outdoor mountain lifestyle apparel and gear retail company. Selling in several brick-and-mortar locations and from its website, Stio has been experiencing rapid growth year-over-year pushing them to ramp up staffing, systems and other resources to sustain its growth.  

Growing Pains

Stio’s backbone systems needed an upgrade to support its growing business and meet consumer expectations for omnichannel experience. In particular, the company needed to make sure inventory levels were synchronized across all its sales channels so orders could be fulfilled quickly and from any store.

“Inventory is the biggest part of an eCommerce business. It’s pure cash that you’ve paid for.  Being able to get your cash out of that inventory item as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal and we couldn’t do that without Celigo.“ – Maura Marshall, COO, Stio

Choosing a Solution

Stio considered the aspects of their current system and how it integrated with their retail website platform, Magento. They looked at a few different options including custom integration. After thorough research and reference checks, they decided the best integration tool that would allow them to utilize the omnichannel inventory and location aspects of NetSuite, was the Celigo Magento Integration App.

Maura shared the steps she recommends to anyone considering a new solution:
  • Be very thorough and do your due diligence
  • Understand what your business needs now and in the future
  • Talk to lots of references

Advice for Implementation

Constantly optimizing and changing systems is essential to growing a business. Whenever you make changes there is going to be a domino effect somewhere but Maura learned a few things along the way for a successful outcome.

  1. Understand the process and what to expect along the way
  2. Document everything. Keep an active spreadsheet of all aspects of the project that all key players can access
  3. Keep key players in play. People are in different time zones and countries. Everyone needs to be willing to get on a call at the same time
  4. Don’t get frustrated with your partners. Everyone is trying to reach the same goal and sometimes there are things out of everyone’s control.
  5. Don’t rush. If you’re not ready to launch, you will know it.

What does the Stio business look like after implementing Celigo?

Now that Stio has implemented Celigo Magento Integration App, they have visibility and real-time inventory sync between the systems which allows them to:

  • Automate orders, fulfillment and inventory statuses between NetSuite and Magento to ensure every sale is captured
  • Real-time visibility to monitor integrations with dashboards – check flows, identify and fix errors
  • Allow business to flow quicker by automating the import of transfer orders through the Celigo Data Loader tool
  • Simplify operations and decrease stress

“Being able to see real-time if something is wrong is a huge benefit to the business to keep it running properly. As COO, I couldn’t highlight that anymore.” 

– Maura Marshall, COO, Stio

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