Nova Natural gets a holiday bonus with Celigo’s Magento Connector

By Celigo
October 13, 2014

“When I do half my business in two months, I can’t be down a day.” – Jason Miller, Nova Natural

Nova Natural, an American retailer based in Vermont, imports children’s toys and apparel with an emphasis on fair trade and natural materials. Having been in business since 2001, their success is angled around natural, safe, and open-ended toys that bring innate imagination and creativity to the play.

Despite a tough environment like retail, they have managed to maintain steady growth. Jason Miller, manager of Nova Natural, said: “We’re really a fourth-quarter business.  We do half our revenues in November and December.”

Nova Natural wanted to grow their sales through various channels. Knowing that having an efficient order management system is critical to reliable payment processing, they were determined to eliminate those inefficiencies.  With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, they needed a guarantee that a customer’s card would be properly authorized in the shopper’s cart, and that required payment data was passed seamlessly to NetSuite.

Nova Natural teamed up with Lyons Consulting Group, a leading Magento enterprise partner. After consultations with Celigo, the decision was made to integrate NetSuite and Magento in August 2012. “We implemented on a pretty tight timeline,” said Jason, emphasizing that they “did not have a day to waste.”

Nova Natural selected Celigo after an evaluation period, determining that while there are less expensive solutions, Celigo provides a tight integration and support for the implementation. Should something go awry, Nova Natural wanted to have someone to handle the problem. Additionally, Jason said:  “When I do half my business in two months, I can’t be down a day. Somebody has to have the infrastructure in place to ensure that doesn’t happen and the support resources to fix it if something does.”

Jason has been pleased with the Magento Connector, stating that Nova Natural has had very few issues with the connector since it was turned on. The cost savings have been notable due to a lack of IT staff to manage servers, no hardware, no constant need to upgrade obsolete software, among others. Most importantly, using the Magento Connector helped them achieve their goal of eliminating inefficiencies. “With the order volume that we get in the holidays,” said Jason, “there would be no way to manage that outside the kind of automation that Celigo can give you with the connector.”

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