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Create and update NetSuite Custom Lists efficiently using Celigo Excel SmartClient

By Tim Brocato
March 18, 2013

The Celigo Excel SmartClient is such a powerful and versatile tool that it could be used in situations which even we had not anticipated. Sometimes our Support team gets interesting “how to” questions  that lead us to solve some interesting problems with the SmartClient. Creating and updating NetSuite Custom Lists is one great example.

During a large integration project, one of Celigo’s customers, needed to an efficient way to create and update a number of custom lists. These lists typically contains 1000’s of product attributes that have to be amended periodically, even after the project’s go live date. The CSV Import doesn’t support Custom Lists, so they had to look for an alternative. Rather than extending an already tight project schedule by building a custom import script, the Celigo Professional Services team pointed them to the SmartClient. Now, if you look in the SmartClient menu, you will not see Custom Lists listed as a record type you can build a template with. But, SmartClient has a pretty neat feature where it can support almost any NetSuite Webservices record type by simply importing a tiny configuration file containing as little as 3 lines of instructions. With this we were able to avoid a custom implementation that could have cost thousands of dollars and deliver this feature for free with their SmartClient subscription.

This is just one simple example. There are customers who’ve built complex applications on top of the SmartClient with Excel expressions and macros. One of which you would have seen during our SuiteLive webinar. So what have you not done with the SmartClient? Have you explored the full potentional of the application that you subscribed to?

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