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We Are Celigo: Alex Lindsay, Sr. Recruiter

Celigo Sr. Recruiter Alex Lindsay
Sr. Recruiter

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our blog series, We Are Celigo! In each feature, get to know the amazing people who work for the leading enterprise-wide integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for the mid-market. Find out what inspired these Celigans to join the company, what it’s like to work here, and much more. This first-person article is based on an edited interview with Sarah Kyo.

Celigo Sr. Recruiter Alex Lindsay, Human Resources, San Francisco, California, I'm a big plant person

Getting Started With Celigo

I had worked with Celigo’s Sr. Director of Human Resources Heena Mistry at my previous company. I had been doing recruiting coordination and taken on recruitment project management. Then COVID hit, and we lost about half the company in March 2020, which included myself. Everything was kind of crazy, so I took time for a pause to figure out what I am looking for in my career. I’ve worked in marketing and events, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I picked up a couple of side gigs, and then Heena reached out to me to ask if I had done recruiting before and if I would be interested. I said, “Yes, yes, yes! But, how was the culture, and is there an opportunity for growth?” We had come from a company that was lacking in both of those areas, but she assured me, “No, no, it’s a completely different company,” and I cannot express how right she was.

I tell my candidates all of the time that one of the biggest drivers is our CEO Jan Arendtsz. He believes culture comes from the top-down and gets buy-in from other leaders. I’ve had other experiences where the company culture is from the bottom-up — the executives are busy, and if they don’t buy in, you kind of have this us-vs.-them mentality, which is not very healthy.

Another thing I love about Celigo is the opportunity for growth. Jan really wants you to find your passion within Celigo, whether that be feeling fulfilled in the progress you’ve made within your own role, internal promotions, or even mobility from one department to another department throughout the company. I know a lot of the hiring managers that I work with set up plans for each of their individual employees and their growth.

My Typical Work Week

Typically, I start my week with a weekly staff meeting with our U.S. and India team to review any company updates and overall department updates that would affect hiring, plus going through the progress of different open roles. On Mondays, I typically have a lot of meetings, updating our Customer Success team and Sales team. In the afternoon, I start going through the different buckets, checking out applicants to see if they have the right profile and setting up weekly screens.

For the rest of the week, I might have a heavy screening week where I could have anywhere between six to eight screens a day. If we happen to have a light applicant week, I might typically spend time sourcing candidates, going on LinkedIn Recruiter, and looking at all of the different candidates based on a profile I created for each role. Sometimes, you exhaust those options and you have to get a little creative, looking at different groups, search terms, and what other companies are doing. I have a couple of other meetings throughout the week including a Friday recap.

Some of the biggest challenges include if you have a role where you’re not getting a lot of applicants, like a niche role — trying to find a unicorn from a sea of candidates can be really daunting. Getting candidates to respond back to you, especially if you’re sourcing on LinkedIn, can be challenging.

Another challenge can be how do I incorporate more DEI candidates? How do I use other channels beyond LinkedIn to find these candidates? How do I find more organizations that I can partner with? How can I be someone that people can turn to and help bring in more diversity into Celigo?

Taking a Stand

I’m a member of our Taking a Stand committee, led by Celigo’s DEI consultant Taylor McElwain. It’s really an integral thing at Celigo — we report to the executives and our board, so there’s a lot of responsibility in that.

Some of the initiatives that Taking a Stand does include working with organizations to bring underrepresented talent to Celigo. We also try to find ways to better our community, such as working with organizations like Hack the Hood and SMASH. There’s also the recruitment part, which I’m a part of. I work with TechPoint, which is based in Indianapolis, and I work with local universities and colleges to try to tap into their new grads for entry roles. I also try to tap into their alumni networks.

Then, once you bring these diverse candidates into the organization, how do you make the workplace more inclusive? Last year, we started our monthly roundtables. It’s been really helpful to take different topics and break them down — what is the history of affirmative action, what is the history of women in the workplace, and more. We have a presentation that Taylor creates that leads to a discussion, clarifying any questions or confusions around a certain topic. 

My Favorite Celigo Value

The Celigo value that stands out to me the most is, “Ask, ‘How can it be better?’” I love working for startups — there’s just something about the controlled chaos while you’re working there, but as you progress and the organization grows bigger and bigger, you put in different processes to help alleviate some of the pain of manual work.

I’m very much a people person, and I also love bringing order to chaos by looking at the bigger picture and helping to create a better system. If I see something that might be a little misbalanced, I try to go in with my “recruiter eyes” to make life easier, whether it’s for the candidate, hiring manager, or interviewing team. I’m always trying to perfect recruiting and find standardized ways that work for the collective team as a whole. 

Especially with recruiting, there are always ways to improve upon what we have done. For example, in January, I revised my email communication with candidates to include specific links like what is Celigo, our latest blog post, information about our Series C, and so on. With a company like ours that’s growing so quickly, there are always updates to be made. What can we do to make our Careers page look better? Or, a question has come up multiple times from candidates, so how can we address that in our onboarding?

Tips for Recruiters

I’m really grateful for the opportunity at Celigo to expand my knowledge on what it means to be a recruiter, and it kind of worked out perfectly. With my time-off during the period when I wasn’t working, I worked with a lot of other recruiters, and I really learned how not-so-great some of them are. 

I’ve learned a lot along the way about making yourself really available to your candidates — it’s so important to give them that experience because job hunting can be the worst. For example, someone might have interviewed with a company two weeks ago, but they don’t receive any follow-up. I always try to put myself in my candidates’ shoes and make myself a better recruiter during the process. 

Recruiters, be on top of the recs you’re assigned to, and also ask questions. Understanding the lay of the land is important when you’re building relationships and trust. Follow up if an interviewer hasn’t submitted feedback from an interview. Know that your candidate went through an interview yesterday and check in on them. This can help build a better candidate experience.  

Insights for Celigo Job Candidates

For me, it’s easy to get candidates excited about Celigo: the fact that we’re actively growing, the fact that the culture is there, and there’s a strong sense of personal growth. So, why wouldn’t you want to work here?

Celigo really puts its employees first, which is remarkable, and they really did an excellent job during this COVID time by expanding hiring across the U.S. and finding the right candidates for the roles vs. finding only candidates at a location where Celigo is based. From what I’ve seen, we really respect our employees, and we start from day one with that respect. 


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Celigo Sr. Recruiter Alex Lindsay
Sr. Recruiter
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