Celigo launches the Premium Edition of Shopify – NetSuite Connector

by Rohit Gupta
March 18, 2016

In October last year, we launched our pre-built Shopify – NetSuite Connector Standard Edition that integrates the powerful eCommerce platform of Shopify, powering 240,000+ online stores with the proven cloud business software suite of NetSuite, used by 30,000+ organizations worldwide. In January this year, we released the pre-built functionality for connecting multiple Shopify stores to a single NetSuite account. Today we are excited to push the boundaries even further with the launch of the Premium Edition of Shopify – NetSuite Connector.

Premium Edition of Shopify – NetSuite Connector enables Shopify store owners to improve their online selling capabilities and increase operational efficiencies by capturing funds past order fulfillment and managing product catalog, product variations directly in NetSuite. In addition to all the Standard Edition functionality, Premium Edition comprises of following pre-built functionality:

  • Automate capturing funds post order fulfillment in NetSuite: If your business processes are such that you manually capture funds in Shopify only after the orders are fulfilled in NetSuite, the new Billing Export data flow is just what the doctor ordered. Once the order is billed in NetSuite, the data flow automatically pushes payment information from NetSuite to Shopify and triggers the payment capture process.
  • Manage Items in NetSuite and export them as Shopify Products: The new Item Export data flow allows you to treat NetSuite as the master system for your entire store catalog and pushes any creates/updates in NetSuite to Shopify. The connector supports Inventory, Assembly & Kit Items in NetSuite and exports these item types as Shopify products.
  • Export NetSuite Matrix Items as Shopify Product Variations: We are introducing a fresh and innovative concept called variation themes to manage the creation and transfer of complex NetSuite product types such as Matrix items into Shopify as product variations. Variation themes make it simple, easy and efficient for system administrators to create & manage product variations entirely in NetSuite.
  • Pre-built support for connecting multiple Shopify stores: Here’s the best part, all the above capabilities are not just limited to a single Shopify store. When you need to connect an additional Shopify store, the existing store configurations automatically apply to the new stores, giving you the ability to expand rapidly without wasting weeks in manual setup.

Take advantage of the cost-effective & proven Shopify – NetSuite Connector to make the online selling easy and back office management efficient.

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