Celigo launches SmartClient for Salesforce – Office 365 Excel

by Tim Brocato
August 27, 2015

Celigo is pleased to announce the launch of SmartClient for Salesforce – Office 365 Excel, a powerful solution that integrates Salesforce and Office 365 Excel.

Modifying multiple records at a single time has been a challenge for Salesforce users. Whether it is scrubbing data for meeting financial compliance, administering seasonal discounts for promoting sales or just simple records maintenance, the process is time consuming and error prone.

The Celigo SmartClient provides a seamless integration between Salesforce and Office 365 Excel. SmartClient users can access and edit Salesforce data directly from within Excel, in real time and with a single click. SmartClient saves time and eliminates manual errors by preventing duplicate effort and costly rework.

SmartClient for Salesforce Office 365 Excel is a task pane app that works in Microsoft Office 365 and Excel 2013 Desktop version of Windows. SmartClient also supports Mac with Office 365. Take full advantage of Office 365 Excel’s data manipulation functions to retrieve, update, add and delete Salesforce data from multiple record types. You can now easily and efficiently manage mass updates and bulk-processing of Salesforce records.

Powerful Data Manipulation

  • Update multiple Salesforce records within seconds
  • Upload and download data with just one click within Office 365 Excel
  • Provides Excel functions for data manipulations, calculations or analysis
  • Provide real-time error messages and validations

Increase Productivity

  • Save time from manually updating each record in Salesforce
  • Apply all of Excel’s powerful native functionality to Salesforce data
  • Display all data validations within Excel and in real time
  • Retrieve specific sets of records based on desired criteria

Mass Data Entry Solution For Your Everyday Needs

  • Save your data entry formats as reusable templates
  • Perform joins on related record types to fetch more fields
  • Allows for custom records and custom fields
  • Perform changes to retrieved records and update to Salesforce with just one click

Powered by Celigo Integrator

  • Powered by REST based Integrator middleware
  • Connect up to Ten Salesforce Organizations
  • Build simple queries or complex business logic
  • Update Parent-Child Object relationships together
  • Support: Windows – Desktop and Office 365 versions, Mac – Office 365 version

The SmartClient is available free for 90 days. To install the app, go to: https://store.office.com/smartclient-for-salesforce-WA104379611.aspx?assetid=WA104379611

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