Celigo launches BigCommerce – NetSuite Connector

Do you sell online using the BigCommerce ecommerce platform and use NetSuite to manage your back-office operations and logistics? If yes, you would be delighted to know what we have come up with.

Today, we’re super excited to introduce the all new, pre-built BigCommerce – NetSuite Integration App product, that integrates the powerful ecommerce platform of BigCommerce, powering 90,000+ online stores with the proven cloud business software suite of NetSuite used by 30,000+ organizations worldwide. You save valuable time and money by eliminating manual order entries, fulfillment delays and inventory inaccuracies as the data is always kept in sync between both systems.

Pre-Built Functionality

BigCommerce – NetSuite Integration App provides an automated integration that enables bi-directional data flow between both systems. Orders from multiple BigCommerce stores are automatically centralized in NetSuite. Inventory of product items are synchronized in both systems, preventing overselling and underselling. Order fulfilment information from NetSuite is instantly exported to BigCommerce, enabling customers to track their shipments in real time. The Integration App significantly improves operational efficiency by eliminating manual interventions and by preventing order processing errors.

The Integration App is built on the Celigo Integration Platform, which allows you to build your own integrations and do much more.

Installation and Configuration

Self-installing and guided wizards enable retailers to automatically set up the connector between BigCommerce and NetSuite in a matter of minutes. Fine tune the connector by modifying the numerous configuration options that comes pre-packaged with the connector. Integrations can also be shared across teams and monitored using dashboards. Monitoring dashboard allows you to organize flows based on job status, resolve and retry errors directly from the user interface.

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