Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction for Lumens Light + Living

By Celigo
September 14, 2009


Lumens Light + Living, a company dedicated to offering the very best of design-oriented lighting, fans and home accessories, needed a way to get accurate, consistent feedback from customers on their level of satisfaction with Lumens. Whether the customer walked into the store to make a purchase, shopped via the web, placed a phone order, or requested an installer to do the work, Lumens just had a feeling about customer satisfaction; they did not have a solid gauge of how well they were doing and whether they needed to improve certain areas. And since customers come from various points of entry, Lumens needed a way to ask questions specific to a point of entry and weight what’s more important if a customer purchases in-store versus over the web.

Lumens had recently implemented NetSuite to help manage their business and wanted a customer satisfaction survey that was integrated with NetSuite and transaction-based. Since most survey solutions that Lumens looked at were not based on transactional events (such as a purchase or installation), Lumens turned to Celigo to extend NetSuite and build a solution within NetSuite’s inherent customization capabilities.

Celigo Solution

With its deep expertise of NetSuite and commitment to client satisfaction, Celigo was able to build a solution that not only met Lumens’ needs for an integrated customer survey tool, but that also has been re-purposed for other transactional communication that Lumens has with its customers.

Using custom records, suite scripts, email templates, formula fields, saved searches, and KPIs, Celigo created a solution that sends automated surveys that are relevant to the transaction type and place, tallies the results using a ranked scoring system, and sends and displays satisfaction metrics to the relevant Lumens stakeholders, such as the service employee and department manager.

Celigo’s survey management solution for NetSuite is comprised of 3 key components:

  • Logic that sends automated emails to a target audience. The target audience is dynamically retrieved via saved searches, enabling Lumens to manage and modify the target audience at any time using basic saved search functionality. The email sent is based upon the transaction type, ensuring that the right questions are asked for the specific transaction.
  • Online satisfaction survey forms that maintain Lumen’s corporate branding and are automatically linked to and accessible via the transaction record, enabling Lumen’s employees and managers to extend their 360-degree view of the customer to include the satisfaction surveys the customer has completed.
  • Ability to rank and weight survey questions and responses as well as score the responses, enabling Lumens to accurately capture customer satisfaction metrics that are relevant to the type of transaction.

When asked what her favorite aspect of the solution is, Jenny Thielen, Lumen’s Web Operations Manager, said “Any number of different transactions that we want to communicate with customers about, we can re-purpose the script to do that.” Celigo implemented the solution using parameters throughout, so that Lumens can simply change the content of the parameters to re-use and re-purpose them. Celigo put the solution in the hands of the client so that Lumens is able to maintain and re-use the solution themselves.

The Bottom Line

“What started out as a script to follow up with customers and rate the experience with Lumens customer service, installation services, and retail showroom experience moved into the overall communications we have with customers regarding estimated shipping dates and fulfilling orders.” Jenny said.

Lumens has re-purposed the survey solution in many ways. Most impactful is their use of the solution to communicate with customers regarding estimated ship dates. Before re-purposing the Celigo solution for this use, Lumens was “limping along communicating estimated ship dates.” It was a completely manual process, using plain text emails that an individual had to create and send. In approximately 8 months, the automated solution has sent approximately 13,000 email communications to customers regarding ship dates.

Because Lumens had implemented the survey solution that Celigo created, they had been tracking customer satisfaction around communication of ship dates. Jenny said “We immediately saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction when we implemented the estimated ship dates automated communication structure. We saw an almost a one-point increase in satisfaction on a scale of 1-5.”

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