Announcing order risk analytics for all Shopify – NetSuite Connector customers

by Rohit Gupta
September 6, 2016

Celigo is excited to announce that order risk analytics is now available to all Shopify – NetSuite Connector customers. Starting today, you will see order risk levels (low, medium, high) and complete order risk analytics from Shopify brought in on every sales order in NetSuite by the connector.

What is Shopify order risk analytics?

Shopify’s risk analysis flags orders that might be fraudulent so that you can investigate them before processing. It includes:

  • Risk indicators for each order
  • Recommended next steps,
  • Additional information when applicable.

Flagged orders aren’t necessarily fraudulent, but they do meet fraudulent criteria. If the risk analysis identifies one of your orders as suspicious, you should investigate it before fulfilling the order. You can also capture a payment manually if you want to avoid chargebacks due to fraudulent orders.

Read more about Shopify’s risk analysis here.

Should I, as a Shopify store owner, care about this information?

While Shopify’s risk analysis can flag orders that need to be reviewed before fulfillment,  you may not be making the most of this information because it wasn’t available inside of NetSuite before where your fulfillment teams, customer service associates process sales orders. This leads to duplicate entry of risk information when processing order cancellations/closures and refunds in NetSuite. Having access to this critical information can help you avoid fulfilling fraudulent orders and eliminate your losses due to chargebacks.

How do I access this information inside of NetSuite?

There is NO action required on your part to enable this particular functionality. You should see a couple of additional fields on your NetSuite sales order form under the “eTail” tab namely “Shopify Risk Rating” and “Shopify Risk Analysis”. These fields will now contain order risk information as available in Shopify. You can also map additional fields like risk score, risk source etc. from your account.  The best part is that you can now set up workflows in NetSuite for your teams to check for fraudulent orders and take necessary action before fulfillment, such as calling the customer to verify their identity, cancelling and refunding the order to avoid chargebacks. The possibilities are endless!

And that’s not all. Celigo also launched the Enterprise Edition of the Shopify – NetSuite Connector that allows you to export cancellations and refunds directly from NetSuite to Shopify. If you are an existing customer, contact your Celigo account manager to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition of the connector.

Be sure to contact us here if you have additional questions.

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