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Women of Celigo

Learn more about just some of the amazing women that
make Celigo great

Carie Feezer
Director of Support

2 Years @ Celigo US

Greatest Contribution at Celigo:

“Seeing my team empowered to solve problems without me motivates me. I am very proud of the team and culture I have helped build. While we will always have work to do, we have made a great deal of progress in the last 2 years.”

Challenges Carie has overcome:

”Having been in the tech field for most of my career, there are still hurdles in making your voice heard.

I think the most recent challenge has been being a mom with two younger kids (one of them with ASD) working from home during a pandemic.”

Advice to other women:

“You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually, the confidence will follow. (Not mine, Carrie Fisher’s.)”

Tamika Byer
Referral Program Manager

1+ Years @ Celigo US

Greatest Contribution at Celigo:

“Partners view Celigo as the key to staying competitive in their respective markets. I’m really proud of connecting with businesses who value our expertise and placement in the iPaas world and are eager to walk the journey of partnership with us. I enjoy seeing and hearing the excitement from partners when they see the overall picture of Celigo’s capabilities and the stories we can build together with mutual customers.”

Challenges Tamika has overcome:

“Being the only female of color on a team has been a challenge, especially in tech. It’s overwhelming at times when you are seen as an anomaly in the workplace. I’ve experienced inappropriate jokes or conversations and usually, in those cases, the person or persons don’t realize the offense. In some cases, they expect that I would just go along with what was said. Other times people are just not sure how to interact because of their own biases or past experiences. It’s hard to push back when you’re constantly trying to overcome being different and not making waves in those situations. I never want to be seen as a complainer or not being a team player. Looking back at those specific situations, if I had the courage to be a bit more outspoken I may have had the opportunity to change hearts and minds.”

Advice to other women:

“Your worth and place in this world is beyond comprehension and should never be underestimated or taken for granted. Without our voices and points of view, only half the story gets to be told. Our place at the table is well-deserved and should be honored. As women we need to own that view and know that our place paves the way for others coming after us”

Anusha Jharupula
QA Manager, Product Engineering

6+ Years @ Celigo India

Greatest Contribution at Celigo:

“Working on the releases, helping my team and parallel automation are the areas which definitely make me proud”customers.”

Advice to other women:

“Don’t believe in “IMPOSSIBLE”, make everything POSSIBLE. Try to take positive side of everything and move on…. YOU can do wonders!!

Ashu Gupta
Engineering Lead

6+ Years @ Celigo India

Greatest Contribution at Celigo:

“Working on the releases, helping my team and parallel automation are the areas which definitely make me proud”customers.”

Challenges Ashu has overcome:

“Coming from a business family in a small city, the biggest challenge was to get the chance to study at one of the best colleges of India. At this moment I would like to thank my alma mater because of which I got the exposure and confidence for effective contribution in corporate sector. “

What Motivates Ashu:

“My love for problem solving, the idea to improve and learn new skills is something that keeps me going. And as they say, “A healthy body is a healthy mind’, Yoga helps me rejuvenate and start my day with a fresh outlook.”

Advice to other women:

“For all the working women out there, juggling personal and professional life, I believe you are at the right place and the company culture will bring out the most in you in the best possible way. Just be yourself, don’t shy away from getting your thoughts out in discussions and you’ll achieve what you deserve.”

Other Upcoming events/ Recognized Months:

March: Women’s History Month Email Campaign
March 8th: International Women’s Day
April 23rd: National Day of Silence
May: Jewish American History Month
June: LGBTQ+ Pride Month , Immigrant Heritage Month
September: Latinx History Month
November: Native American Heritage Month

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