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Announcing Celigo’s $48 Million Series C Funding Round.

The new era in iPaaS is coming.

With a new $48 million Series C funding round led by OMERS Growth Equity and joined by NewSpring Capital, Celigo is poised to enable and optimize end-to-end business automation for mid-market companies at an unprecedented scale. These funds increase Celigo’s go-to-market capacity and further accelerate the company’s global expansion.

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The market has drastically changed.

The COVID pandemic drove urgency for enterprises across all industries to accelerate or complete their digital transformations all at once.

Innovating companies pre-pandemic that responded with urgency continue to be innovators today. Companies that didn’t are now lagging behind their competitors.

67% increased their digital transformation investments due to the pandemic.

42% plan to automate large numbers of manual processes.

36% are transforming and reimagining digital business strategies.

The limitations of iPaaS today.

Legacy iPaaS is not designed for today’s business challenges.

Very few organizations find that their current application integration landscape meets their needs, leaving companies with huge gaps including a lack of qualified staff, a complexity that prevents changes, and high implementation costs.

Legacy iPaaS does not serve non-technical business users.

Today’s iPaaS is built exclusively for IT and technical developers, yet business process automation is needed by everyone across the organization.

Legacy iPaaS creates more work than it eliminates.

Those without iPaaS struggle with data visibility and integrity, which hinders top priorities like scalability and automation. Yet legacy iPaaS users consistently indicate that integrations and application adoptions have taken more time, support, and dollars than anticipated.

The CeligoVision of Integration

Celigo is poised to drive automation through integration in a post-pandemic business world.

iPaaS needs to serve the entire organization.

Transformation cannot be contained in IT. Human capital is the most valuable asset for problem-solving at scale. Each individual is in the best position to solve the problems they face on a daily basis.

Success depends on the ability of organization leaders to foster innovation and change in all parts of their business, from the C-Suite to the end-user. Grassroots innovation can be ignited by equipping every employee with the tools and skills to build and deploy solutions where needed.

Companies build fastest on a foundation of best practices.

Training users of different skills levels and priorities is in itself a complex challenge. But even then, training is not enough.

Holistic prebuilt business process automation solutions accelerate innovation by codifying best practices into configurable settings, removing all the guesswork when designing and innovating a business process.

Every user expects a world‑class experience without hand‑holding.

There’s a limit to how much any company can accomplish if its automation tools can only be used by highly-trained technical developers.

Whether working with our product or interacting Celigo employees, we prioritize designing the best systems to cater to the needs of both technical and line-of-business users.

You should demand more from your iPaaS.

And Celigo is the only company that will take you there.

“For too long, the promise of the modern iPaaS has gone unrealized. With the support of our investors, Celigo will enable breakaway growth, controlled cost management, and superior customer experiences for our customers by ensuring that every process — at every level of the organization — can be automated in the most optimal way from a single platform.”
Jan Arendtsz

Founder and CEO

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