Leading brands trust Celigo for their integration needs

ERP, CRM, product development, customer support, and digital payment processing are some of the critical business processes for the High Tech industry. Celigo’s SmartConnectors and modern iPaaS platform allow companies to adopt a best-of-breed cloud enterprise where core operations are tightly integrated, business processes are expertly synchronized, and team collaboration is transparently operationalized.

NetSuite Salesforce integration

Seamlessly combine the industry's leading CRM and ERP applications together

Salesforce - NetSuite Connector

You might be someone who loves everything about NetSuite, but you wish that Salesforce had a built-in ERP so that you don’t have to deal with two separate applications. No, we didn’t build an ERP inside of Salesforce; but we did the next best thing — tightly couple these applications together so that they seem like one. Don’t take our word for it. Try it out!

NetSuite Zendesk integration

Combine customer support and back office for a 360 degree customer view

Zendesk - NetSuite Connector

Does your best-of-breed strategy include the leading cloud-based Customer Service and ERP applications? Frustrated with having to maintain Organizations, Customers and Contacts in two different applications or not having your support team see financial data? The Zendesk - NetSuite Connector provides a complete 360-degree view of your customers that is guaranteed to improve overall customer satisfaction.

NetSuite JIRA integration

Synchronize product development and operations for better customer satisfaction

JIRA - NetSuite Connector

Your product development and client services organizations are using Atlassian JIRA. Your customer support team is using NetSuite. Even though you have adopted the industry leading applications for these functions, is the inability to close the loop from customer to engineer limiting you? Improve issue resolution and enhance the product experience by syncing issues, projects, and products between JIRA and NetSuite.

NetSuite Cash App integration

Automatically convert bank Cash App files into NetSuite digital payments

Cash Application Manager

Are you still processing Cash App files manually? Tired of dealing with the arcane and incomprehensible file formats? We have a solution for you. The Celigo Cash Application Manager automatically converts bank Cash App files into digital payments. Unmatched problem payments are quickly isolated and manually resolved in NetSuite. Now you can speed up your accounts receivable and prevent human errors from delaying payment processing.

NetSuite SVB integration

Reconcile banking transactions from SVB automatically into NetSuite

Silicon Valley Bank - NetSuite Connector

Using NetSuite for financials and banking with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)? Tired of the mundane and repetitive process of reconciling bank transactions? Our Connector enables you to import SVB transactions into NetSuite automatically and reconcile these transactions efficiently using a wizard-driven process. Auto-matching options enable you to clear bulk records with a single click and create transactions on the fly for unmatched records.

NetSuite Shipwire integration

Optimize enterprise logistics processes with proven Shipwire - NetSuite integration

Shipwire - NetSuite Connector

Shipwire provides enterprise logistics that help you lower your costs and deliver a great experience for your customers. Our Connector lets you automate the synchronization of orders, shipment confirmation and tracking details between Shipwire and NetSuite. Connect your NetSuite order master with Shipwire warehouses globally and optimize your enterprise logistics processes.

Loved by customers

  • The Salesforce-NetSuite Connector works great and has pretty much been flawless for our company. It has eliminated double entry of data which is one of the main reason we bought it. It's been wonderful getting opportunity information from Salesforce to NetSuite. The Connector allows us to use NetSuite as our Item Master. Having products and items in sync between the two systems has been great.

    Scott Russell, Systems Administrator,
    AD Instruments

    The Salesforce-NetSuite Connector has enabled our business to securely transmit our customer orders and sensitive financial information from salesforce.com to NetSuite. We rely on this integration and Celigo has delivered a solid product at a great price. The Celigo customer service and technical support staff are prompt to respond, courteous, and professional. We value our relationship with Celigo.

    Chris Charles, VP Operations and Client Management,
    Career Step
  • I have used Cash App products before and you never know how much time you are really going to save when you implement it. This implementation was great. We are matching 90%+ each deposit and it has saved us about an equal amount of processing time. The actual implementation was very easy and our cash application group was able to pick it up very quickly. We could not be happier

    Aaron Kleinhandler, CEO,

    Woot, woot - terrific! I just have to say how pleased I am with the Celigo Cash Application Manager. The project completed sooner than expected. Great job Celigo.

    Barak Ben-Gal, Chief Financial Officer,
    Findly, Inc.