Hundreds of customers use CloudExtend every hour of the day to increase productivity

Celigo CloudExtend Google Apps for NetSuite enables true cloud-to-cloud synchronization of your Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Contacts within NetSuite records. CloudExtend for Google Apps increases your efficiency by reducing manual effort and keeping both systems in sync.

Sync your Gmail messages to corresponding NetSuite records

  • Tracks your important Gmail communications in NetSuite
  • Provides an option to create NetSuite records without having to leave Gmail
  • Allows others in your department or company to view customer interactions
  • Provides context on a record before an action is taken
  • Eliminates the need to copy and paste Gmail messages to NetSuite.

Never miss a meeting

  • CloudExtend is the only solution providing bi-directional event sync for Google and NetSuite Calendars
  • Shares your meetings with your Google and NetSuite peers
  • Eliminates double-booking for the same time slot on either Calendar.

Access Google Docs in NetSuite

  • Unleashes the real-time collaborative benefits of Google Docs within NetSuite
  • Links Google Docs to records without consuming any NetSuite storage
  • Saves time spent manually importing Google Docs to NetSuite
  • Empowers users to manage key Google documents within NetSuite.

Sync your NetSuite and Google Contacts

  • Gives access to NetSuite public contacts to all your Google Apps users by syncing them to Google
  • Allows users to send email, share documents and set up meetings with NetSuite contacts from within Google Apps
  • Gives NetSuite users access to shared Google Contacts.


CloudExtend Google Apps
(Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Contacts)
(billed annually)
for 25 users
$150/month per block of 25 additional users
(billed annually)
CloudExtend Gmail
(billed annually)
for 25 users
$50/month per block of 25 additional users
(billed annually)

Loved by our customers

  • Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps has been an integral tool in our organization’s efforts to go paperless. Its single largest impact has been our AP department. 100% of all vendor bills that come to us are scanned, attached to the bill record via Google Drive in NetSuite, and then shredded, all emailed invoices are directly attached without ever being printed. We went from having a row of over 30 filing cabinets for AP to 0. A manager half way across the country can access a vendor bill with the click of a mouse, without bothering our accounting staff. Leveraging Google’s affordable and easy user interface has saved us from utilizing NetSuite’s expensive storage solution for AP since 2013.

    Sean Printz, J.A. King
    IT Manager

    Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps is an amazing product. The ability to save emails directly into NetSuite, without having to copy/paste anything is a massive time saver. Total setup takes about 10 minutes adding new users takes about 15 seconds. If you have Google Business Apps and you use NetSuite, Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps is a must have.

    Zach Gunnels, Systems Administrator,
    OnCenter Software
  • The Celigo Gmail integration has drastically improved how we interact with our customers and contacts when we receive requests and questions about orders. Being able to directly attach an email and have it available for future reference has made our Customer Care group more efficient even if a different Customer Care rep handles the communication.

    John Cirocco, Director
    IT Kegworks