Hundreds of customers use the SmartClient to increase productivity

SmartClient users can access and edit NetSuite data directly from within Excel, in real time and with a single click. Take full advantage of Excel’s data manipulation functions to retrieve, update, add and delete NetSuite data from multiple record types. Need more from the traditional CSV Import/Export tool for NetSuite? Try the Celigo SmartClient.

Cloud friendly

Runs on or Excel Desktop as a Microsoft Add-In

Powerful data manipulation

Provides Excel functions for data manipulations, calculations, and analyses

Real time analysis and error resolution

Validates data and provides real-time error messages for immediate resolution, which CSV import cannot do

Convenient look-ups

Provides real-time lookups for fields during data entry so youn’t have to remember values.

Productivity gains

Bring NetSuite data directly to Excel eliminating CSV exports and copy/paste

Broad use cases

Accountants, inventory planners, marketing analysts, system administrators, and all NetSuite users


Users inherit the permissions from their NetSuite role. Attempts to access records without appropriate permissions are blocked

Search and Filter

Access saved searches in NetSuite or create your own data filter

Mass updates and bulk processing

Apply all of Excel’s powerful native functionality to NetSuite data. Allows you to update multiple NetSuite records within seconds


User Fee Personal Edition
Enterprise Edition
Personal Edition
(billed annually)
Enterprise Edition
(billed annually)
Enterprise Fee N/A
1 monthly company fee of $200 supersizes all associated Personal Edition Licenses with Enterprise features*
Compatible with Excel 2016+ & Excel 20071+ &
Works with Mac1 and Windows yes yes
Support for Netsuite Saved Searches and Celigo Import Filter yes yes
Re-usable templates yes yes
Cloud storage for templates yes yes
Onboarding, consulting, training2 yes yes
Create, Read, Update, Delete yes yes
Online and Community Support yes yes
Supercharge all your Personal Editions with one Corporate Enterprise Edition License
Support for multiple One World subsidiaries yes
Works with Sandbox Accounts yes
Admin portal to manage licenses and subscriptions   yes
Access to SmartClient Classic Edition1 yes
* Personal Edition licenses remain at $50 per month. Companies that wish to add Enterprise features can do so by paying $200 per month. This is a single fee that then adds Enterprise features to every Personal Edition License, it is not a per license fee. 1. Enterprise licensees also receive a license for Classic Edition which runs on Excel 2007 or higher on Windows machines only. The Classic Edition will not work on a Mac and templates are not compatible with the Personal Edition.. 2. Consulting and personalized training is available for an additional fee.

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Average labor savings of 69% based on 2015 customer survey

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What can the Excel SmartClient do for You?

Sales & Marketing

  • Create and adjust estimates
  • Add new customers and leads in bulk after a trade show
  • Add missing data to contact and customer records
  • Populate Opportunities with multiple inventory items to quote with less error
  • Import large quote estimates into NetSuite to prevent manual typing line by line.
  • Create new promo codes and update existing promo codes


  • Bin Cleanup - Elimination of bins, consolidating bins and moving items to new bins
  • Update products and add new products including details and pricing
  • Update pricing for thousands of SKUs across different price levels
  • Enter work orders
  • Transfer inventory between inter-company locations
  • Improve forecasting of when inventory will arrive at warehouses
  • Adjust Defective Inventory
  • Allocate merchandise from warehouses to stores and events
  • Inventory cycle count adjustments
  • Update NetSuite with inventory adjustments based on the results of a physical inventory


  • Update and create recurring journal entries
  • Add monthly invoices to NetSuite via a pre-filled template
  • Upload vendor bills
  • Import expense reports details
  • Make complex journal entries to multiple subsidiaries at the same time.

NetSuite Admins & Consultants

  • Initial data loads
  • Scrub data – update current data with missing information and delete unwanted records and dupes en mass

Loved by our customers

  • Don't know how we could manage without the SmartClient

    Nicki Blundell, Demand Planning, Logistics & Purchasing Manager,
    FXR Racing

    The SmartClient is a great product, I encourage everyone to have it available for at least some of their users.

    Evan Goldberg, Founder and CTO,
  • Without Celigo's SmartClient we would have to waste so much time doing tasks that with the smartclient it only takes us 30 seconds for. We use it for inventory Adjustments, Sales creations, employee creation and so much more. Love it!

    Jacob Marsh, Web Marketing,
    Puzzle Zoo

    Our company processes thousands of vendor bills each month, and we needed a way to get this information into the system easily and effectively. Celigo’s Excel SmartClient was exactly what we were looking for. Importing our bills directly into NetSuite using SmartClient saves us hours of manual processing time every single month.

    Scott Witmoyer, Vice President of Information Technology,
    Nobel Learning
  • Celigo’s SmartClient enabled us to update our data in an easy and risk free way. The simplicity and effectiveness of the SmartClient allowed us to work with our data in a way that would have been impossible without it. After a few weeks of use, it has already become such an integral part of our daily Netsuite routine that it is hard to imagine how we could have worked without it

    Jurian van Maanen, Esomar

    We are getting orders from our retailers in various formats that never match NetSuite's CSV import. The SmartClient is a very powerful tool to get all the data together and import it in one go. We have been able to save half a position in our order-take team and we are just starting to discover the capabilities of this powerful tool.

    Carlos Granon, Working Unit Japan
  • The Celigo Excel SmartClient saves Circuit of the Americas countless hours with processing journal entries every month.

    Rob Gibbs, Director of Financial Planning,
    Circuit of the Americas

    We stumbled upon a need to do inventory adjustments through Excel to automate the cycle count process. We now use SmartClient religiously to automate the various warehouse transactions inventory adjustments and warehouse transfers that we do.

    John Cirocco, Director of IT,