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Manage Your Real Time NetSuite Data Securely and Seamlessly in Excel

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A Powerful Excel-based Data Management Tool For NetSuite

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite (formerly SmartClient) users can access and edit NetSuite data directly from within Excel, in real time and with a single click. Take full advantage of Excel’s data manipulation functions to retrieve, update, add and delete NetSuite data from multiple record types. Need more from the traditional CSV import/export tool for NetSuite? Try Celigo CloudExtend.

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Manage Your NetSuite Data Without Leaving Excel

  • Mass update NetSuite data from Excel.
  • All customizations and templates are stored in the cloud.
  • Users inherit permissions from their NetSuite role, enforcing existing security settings.
  • Bypass the NetSuite UI for faster data entry and updates.
  • Provides real-time lookups and error resolution for fields during data entry.
  • Use CloudExtend data filters or NetSuite saved searches to retrieve your NetSuite data.
  • Runs on Office 365 or Excel desktop on Windows/Mac as a Microsoft add-in.
  • Apply Excel’s powerful native functionality to manipulate NetSuite data.

What CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Does for You

CloudExtend allows you to update multiple NetSuite records in seconds.

Work from anywhere. Sign in to CloudExtend and all of your customizations and templates are immediately available.

NetSuite admins can rest easy knowing that roles and permissions are enforced by CloudExtend

Know that your data is valid in advance. End the vicious cycle of waiting for CSV uploads to run, hoping for the best.

Put an end to having to navigate between Excel and NetSuite to see a list of valid values.

Eliminate the hassle of exporting search results to CSV files. Do it all in Excel with the CloudExtend Excel data filter or leverage your own NetSuite saved searches.

Let users choose the computer and OS they want

Use your existing spreadsheets with complex models and formulas to update data into NetSuite

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What Users Say

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite is a great product, I encourage everyone to have it available for at least some of their users.

What would normally take up to 5 hours can now be done in as little as 10 minutes. CloudExtend Excel saved $70K to $100K in alternative solutions.

Damen Seminero, CTO
Jonathan Adler

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Use Cases by Role

Sales & Marketing

  • Update Item Records ?
  • Create and adjust estimates/quotes ?
  • Add new leads in bulk after a trade show ?
  • Add missing data to contact and customer records ?
  • Populate Opportunities with multiple inventory items to quote with less error ?
  • Create new Promo Codes and update existing Promo Codes ?
  • Creating or Updating Sales Orders, Invoices, Quotes, Opportunities, etc. ?


  • Bin Cleanup ?
  • Create and Update Items ?
  • Update Pricing ?
  • Work Orders ?
  • Inventory Transfers ?
  • Inventory Adjustments ?


  • Journal Entries ?
  • Add Monthly Invoices to NetSuite Via a Pre-filled Template ?
  • Upload Vendor Bills ?
  • Import Expense Reports Details ?

NetSuite Admins & Consultants

  • Initial Data Loads ?
  • Scrub Data ?
  • Mass Deletes ?

See What Our Customers Have To Say

Hillerich & Bradsby



Jonathan Adler SmartClient

FMW Fasteners


CloudExtend NetSuite

Personal Edition

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • Support for NetSuite Saved Searches and Celigo Import Filter
  • Cloud Storage for Templates
  • Online and Community Support
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and Higher


CloudExtend NetSuite

Enterprise Edition

For Advanced Data Management with Admin Controls

  • All Personal Edition Features Included
  • Admin Portal for Enterprise License Management
  • Works with Sandbox Accounts
  • Works with OneWorld Subsidiaries
  • Online and Community Support
  • Compatible with Excel 2013 and Higher When Used with Desktop Installer

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