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Celigo Amazon Integration Solutions

Optimize your Amazon operations by using Celigo’s best-in-class integration platform to connect Amazon to NetSuite and other eCommerce systems. Processing thousands of Amazon transactions, you can rely on the Celigo platform to meet your integration needs for Amazon Seller Central, Amazon FBA, and Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon Seller Central
Amazon Seller Central

To optimize your customers’ buying experience on Amazon – such as providing up-to-date product information, timely order fulfillment, and real-time shipment and return statuses – Amazon marketplace sellers must make sure that order, inventory, product, and settlement data is automatically integrated between Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite.

Common Integration Flows for NetSuite and Amazon Seller Central

  • Customer
  • Order (FBM, FBA)
  • Fulfillment
  • Billing (Cash Sale/Invoice)
  • Cancellation
  • Inventory Level
    (single or multiple locations)
  • Item Type
  • Item / Product
    (listing, type, attribute, image)
  • Price
  • Amazon fee
  • Customer payment
  • Refund
Celigo SmartConnector

Celigo offers a pre-built, out-of-the-box integration between Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite with our Amazon-NetSuite SmartConnector. The fully managed integration application can be configured and implemented without additional development or IT support. Built on, the iPaaS 2.0 integration platform, the Amazon SmartConnector can be easily customized as needed.

The SmartConnector supports international Amazon marketplaces, including AU, CA, CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, MX, UK.

Amazon Seller Central

Fulfillment by Amazon
Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon marketplace sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to make their "Prime Eligible" products more attractive to the fast growing segment of Amazon Prime customers. The reach of Amazon distribution centers and fulfillment network also makes FBA attractive as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for merchants selling in other channels. Regardless of how FBA is used, merchants need to make sure order, inventory, and inbound shipments are seamlessly integrated between FBA and NetSuite to maximize the value of FBA to their businesses.

Common Integration Flows for NetSuite and FBA

Outbound Orders
  • Sales Order to FBA
  • Order acknowledgement to NetSuite
  • Shipment Confirmation to NetSuite
  • Order Cancellation to FBA
  • Inventory Adjustments to NetSuite
  • Inventory Snapshots to NetSuite
  • Remove Inventory to NetSuite
  • Item Catalog Export to FBA
Inbound Shipments
  • PO to FBA
  • PO receipt to NetSuite
  • TO to FBA
  • TO receipt to NetSuite
  • Update Inbound Shipment with Package information
  • PO = Purchase Order; TO = Transfer Order
Celigo Quick Start Template

Celigo’s Quick Start Template for Amazon FBA and NetSuite provides a package of integration flows on the platform. Simply install the template, provide your NetSuite and Amazon account credentials, and configure the integration flows that are included in the package.

Amazon FBA and NetSuite template offers integration flows for Outbound Orders and Inbound Shipments. These flows can be easily modified, duplicated, or deleted. You can also create new flows, such as inventory update flows, using Sign up for a 30-day free trial to get more details on this and other available templates.

Amazon Vendor Central
Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon invites certain merchants, wholesalers, and manufacturers to become direct suppliers to Amazon. Products in this category are marked as “Ships from and sold by”. Amazon’s rigid purchase order guidelines require that companies participating in this program integrate NetSuite to Vendor Central.

Common Integration Flows for NetSuite and FBA Amazon Vendor Central

PO and Orders
  • PO request
  • PO acknowledgement
  • Fulfillment (ASN)
  • Invoice export
Routing Request
  • Routing request to Amazon
  • Import Amazon routing instructions
Celigo Platform

Use Celigo’s iPaaS platform,, to integrate Vendor Central and NetSuite and comply with Amazon requirements, including EDI integration. supports over 10 Amazon EDI formats – with more being developed. The 4-step integration wizard guides you in every step of the integration, whether you are a systems admin, operations manager, or IT developer. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and start integrating Amazon Vendor Central and NetSuite.


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