Our mission

Our core mission at Celigo is simple: to enable independent best-of-breed applications to work together as one. We believe that every independent department and every business end-user should always have choices when it comes to picking software, and that integration challenges should never stand in the way.

We also believe integration should be easy and simple – the way anyone can pick up and use an iPhone for the first time – no matter how powerful the underlying applications.

Our heritage

What’s in a name? We think quite a bit. The name Celigo was coined by combining the words Central and Ligo (to tie or bind in Latin) in our quest to develop a cloud-based (central) platform for integrating (tying) applications together. That was way back in 2006, perhaps a little ahead of the times; and yes, we started in a garage. We reached a total of 100 employees and over 700 active customers before taking any institutional capital — a unique feat if you’re based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Our team

We are a passionate team obsessed with delighting our customers every day. We also have lots of fun along the way while going to any length to make your most complicated integrations just work. We challenge our team to think big and bring their ideas to the table—regardless of rank or title—since we know that our brand is only as good as the people behind it.